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Daughters’ Daft Punk Get Lucky Cover

daft punk get lucky daughter cover

Well, that didn’t take long. The Daft Punk Get Lucky covers are starting to trickle forth, but few have already lived up to the hype the robots already delivered upon. This Daft Punk Get Lucky cover by Daughters happens to be our favorite at the moment. The most impressive aspect of this entire track is… Read more »

Baby Sloths Appreciation Posts

baby sloths

Your Friday is about to get way more cute, here are some pictures of baby sloths to fill your miserable heart with the slow, fuzzy feelings only cute animals can replenish. First lets start with a video of a  baby sloth getting a bath in the special tea leaf water in the Venezuelan  sloth sanctuary then feed… Read more »

HARD Summer 2013 Lineup Announced

hard summer 2013 lineup

We heard from our friends over at Travel Hymns that the HARD Summer 2013 Lineup leaked this morning. And wow, did it ever. Just check out this official trailer. This could potentially be the biggest year of the festival ever. We imagine it’s only a matter of time before this increasingly popular festival really blows up…. Read more »

Relive the 90s in 10 Minutes


  Whether 90s nostalgia or 90s cringe comes to mind, the decade covered a lot of ground for all of us. Now the latest viral video to hit the Internet allows us to relive the splendor that was the decade of Backstreet Boys and Saved By The Bell, a virtual whirlwind of neon and greasy… Read more »

Virtual Reality: Physicists Theorize That Universe is a Computer Simulation

Physicists and philosophers have long speculated on the idea of the universe being some sort of simulation created by a large and intelligent civilization–because that’s what you would do, right? Create multiple universes of simulations within simulations? The paper ‘Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation’ by a team at the University of Bonn in Germany claims that there… Read more »

Misfits Supreme Collection

Think what you will about Glenn Danzig, the Misfits, or annoying mall goths decked out in the crimson ghost–the iconic punk band has teamed up with street wear giants, Supreme to bring you a taste of horror business. You won’y just see the famous skull slapped on a t-shirt with a supreme logo–ok, you’ll see… Read more »

Check This Out: Car Runs on Air

So, there’s been a lot of controversy lately about Tesla motors and electric cars in general: that they’re unreliable, not powerful, and basically a fad to some. I have a family member who has a Nissan Leaf, and while it can be burdensome to charge and annoying if you’re planning on driving long distances, I… Read more »

The DEA Probably Hates Mayer Hawthorne’s Latest Single

Mayer Hawthorne’s new single, Designer Drug is a slight departure from what we would normally call the 60’s soul sound. If you haven’t been catching up with the Stones Throw singer, you haven’t heard about his latest endeavor,  Tuxedo. The new project features producer Jake One and features some slightly less old-school instruments such as… Read more »