Monthly Archives: May 2013

Listen to Daft Punk’s Horizon

There is a lot of differing opinions over whether the new Daft Punk is a masterpiece or a sub-par take on some 70’s kraut- funk. You’re probably one of the milions of people who has streamed, bought, or downloaded Random Access Memories, but chances are, you never heard Daft Punk’s┬áHorizon. I actually REALLY love this… Read more »

Dove Real Beauty Men Edition (NSFW)

dove real beauty men edition

In our never ending quest for the best of the best bathroom humor, we humbly submit the Dove Real Beauty Men Edition. Leave it to a bunch of guys to pervert the very awesome message being conveyed to women with a pair of balls. For the sake of context, the original Dove Real Beauty Sketches… Read more »