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International Pop Star, Gentleman Psy

gentleman psy

Gentleman Psy parodies “gentleman” You haven’t forgotten about Psy, have you? This international Korean pop star destroyed YouTube world records in 2012 with his release of Gangnam Style, leading him to a life of global fame that no South Korean musician has ever achieved before. And now Psy’s back with a new single, “Gentleman“, and… Read more »

Born Sinner

Born Sinner

  Can’t Get Enough of J Cole’s last album Cole World? The Fayetteville spitter dropped his highly anticipated album on June 7th and is already backing up the hype. After leaking “Power Trip” featuring Miguel, a topic of discussion was if the majority of the album would be R&B and not showcase J Cole’s intricate… Read more »

Boats ‘N Clothes

Boats 'N Clothes

  Started from the bottom now Nick “Diamond” Tershay is here.  Establishing the company Diamond Supply Company in 1998 took the skater from grinding on rails in the park to grinding on models with Kanye West in New York penthouses. Tershay flooded the skate scene with his up and coming brand at major skate league… Read more »

NBA Coaching Shuffle 2013

NBA Coaching Shuffle 2013

Its been said, “those who can’t do…coach”. Observe coaches like Stan Van Gundy who waddle around NBA huddles out of breath with stroke like mannerisms screaming at his player’s waste level. Van Gundy couldn’t run through a drill if he tried but is amongst the top of his coaching class in games coached and broken… Read more »

Xbox One vs PS4: No Contest

Xbox One vs PS4, round one If you weren’t following the massive amounts of news unloading from those at E3 2013, you may have missed the seemingly endless jokes stemming from the reveals of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4. But what made this E3 conference so laughable in comparison to past years? It… Read more »

Trailer for Sequel to Machete Released

Lady Gaga Machete Kills

Machete, the 2010 Robert Rodriguez film starring Danny Trejo as a Mexican superhero of sorts now has a sequel: Machete Kills. The cast of characters in this new adventure is certainly not without its range of stars including: Lady Gaga, Amber Heard, Mel Gibson, Jessica Alba, and Charlie Sheen to name a few. Go check… Read more »

Kanye West’s Album Artwork for ‘Yeezus’ …Or Lack Thereof

In case knocking up an unfortunately relevant socialite wasn’t enough to get noticed in the papers, rapper Kanye West has released the official album artwork for his new LP, ‘Yeezus’, which is..,a plastic jewel case with a piece of tape on it. That’s all. ‘Ye’ just put his sixth album up for pre-order, and is… Read more »