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At Least One Person Thinks McDonald’s McDouble is Good For You

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According to a blogger from Freakonomics, McDonald’s McDouble is the “cheapest, most nutritious and bountiful food that has ever existed in human history.” This is great news but we’re less willing to believe it applies to us as we’re prone to adding ‘mac sauce’  to our McDoubles. Try it — it’ll change your life. So… Read more »

Google Announces Chromecast

Poised to compete with AppleTV and Roku, Google announced Google Chromecast on Wednesday, a new pint sized $35 device that streams content from your computer, tablets, and smart devices directly to your television. The slogan states that the product is “the easiest way to watch online video on your TV.” During a press conference, Google… Read more »

NBA Trade Action 2013

Sure the NFL season is right around the corner being over shadowed by Aaron Hernandez’s killer off season. Sure it’s the midway point of the MLB season that floods every single ESPN category imaginable with “Top Ten” footage that looks identical to last week. Fortunately hoop fans are in the midst of an off season… Read more »

Nixon Watch Preview 2013

  While the world famous Nixon brand is much more than a watch company, millions of fans/consumers are constantly being taunted by what new designs or retro come-backs the Nixon watch gods drop on us next. This past year brought us the popular champagne gold color way,  increased the canvas band selection and introduced the… Read more »

Orange is the New Black on Netflix

Orange is the New Black just launched on Netflix instant watch and instantly started receiving positive reviews. It’s a promising entry to the Netflix original series following on the heels of Netflix’s not so original series, Arrested Development. The story follows Piper Chapman, a young suburban woman who’s checkered past comes back to derail her… Read more »

Steam Summer Sale 2013

If your wallet hasn’t already caught wind, the Steam Summer Sale 2013 is in full swing. There’s no better time of year to stockpile your library of PC games, something those in the know take full advantage of every year. The discounts are genuinely incredible, savings ranging upwards to 80%. Titles like Skyrim, Civilization, Portal… Read more »

Traktor DJ iPad App

While the Traktor DJ iPad App may have DJ purists collectively rolling their eyes, there’s little denying how much fun it can be either. Available through the Apple App Store, Traktor DJ is designed to offer amateur spinners a gateway into mixing, something previously impossible to do before shelling out for expensive equipment. Even longtime… Read more »