Monthly Archives: November 2013

Thanksgiving Gadgets

The Helpful Thanksgiving Gadgets Electric Carving Knife Once your bird is finished you can make carving the Turkey easier if you have an electric carving knife. This is especially helpful if you don’t have strong knife skills. IT can also be used for easily cutting loaves of bread if you are making homemade stuffing. Pressure… Read more »

Barebones Safari Tent

The Barebones Safari Tent is perfect for anyone looking for the ultimate camping experience. Although it comes with a steep price tag compared to your average traveler’s tent, the Safari Tent turns any part of the countryside into a luxurious stay. Measuring a whopping 10 x 12 feet, the Safari Tent upgrades your camping experience… Read more »

Kubo: A New Delivery Method

If you live in a big city like Los Angeles, Chicago or New York getting around the city can be tough. Affordable parking is nearly impossible to come by but getting even essential items from A to B can require renting a truck, bugging a friend, or lugging your goods on public transit. Introducing the… Read more »

Dapper and Dash Bow Ties

dapper and dash downtown phoenix

Our friends over at Dapper and Dash Bow Ties are doing something pretty special right in the heart of Phoenix. Their collection of bow ties and kerchiefs are oozing with classic style and are perfect for any formal affair. The Dapper + Dash mission is simple: Bringing back old-style sensibilities and giving every man the ability… Read more »

Broken Leagues In-Depth Fantasy Basketball News

broken leagues fantasy basketball

While fantasy basketball will never be quite so popular as it’s pigskin cousin, our love for the NBA has essentially guaranteed a certifiable addiction. Yet with fantasy basketball’s cult-like following, you’re hard pressed to find much strategy and substance beyond single paragraph blurbs that only regurgitate stat lines. Our friends over at Broken Leagues are… Read more »

MetalPress Drink Coasters

metalpress drink coasters kickstarter

Get to know the MetalPress Drink Coasters, our favorite kickstarter in recent memory. MetalPress Drink Coasters potentially make a great gift this season for any fans out there of sleek letterpress and drinking. For the modest goal of $3500, the project will produce some seriously classy coasters for your bachelor pad. The coasters offer a… Read more »