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Patso Dimitrov Combines NBA Shoes with Popular Album Art

patso dimitrov

Artist and designer Patso Dimitrov has released his newest piece of work which combines NBA players’ signature shoe design with popular album art. From Lebron James and Paul George to Jay Z and Schoolboy Q, Dimitrov has designed some of the most bad-ass shoes that will hopefully one day be on the market!

Best of True Detective Parodies

The critically acclaimed HBO cop-drama True Detective may have concluded over a week ago, but the parodies of the McConaughey/Harrelson series have just begun. If you are not familiar, True Detective tells the story of two hard-boiled detectives and their quest to solve the case of the Yellow King, a serial killer with links to… Read more »

Barack Obama’s March Madness Bracket

between two ferns

Barack Obama’s March Madness Bracket It’s that time of year again, when offices and terminally bored employees across the nation start pooling their brackets in preparation of the NCAA Tournament. March Madness dominates our collective thoughts so much that none other than the POTUS himself and basketball fan, Barack Obama, is getting in on the… Read more »

Will It Crush? Arnold Schwarzenegger Destroys Things For Charity

Will It Crush?

Will It Crush? Starring the govenator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold has finally achieved his lifetime dream: owning his own &%$#ing tank. So how is he using it? By doing something completely badass — running over things for charity. Now one single object is safe from the crushing tread of Arnold’s tank. Whether you’re a blender,… Read more »

Watch These Adorable Strangers Awkwardly Kiss Each Other

Tatia Pilieva first kiss

Tatia Pilieva just made a powerful case that romance is far from dead with ‘First Kiss’. The latest video to hijack the Internet is a short and sweet piece from talented ┬ádirector Tatia Pilieva. If you have about 3 1/2 minutes to spare — and a heart — this video is sure to melt you…. Read more »

Unfortunately, the LIVR App is a Hoax

LIVR app hoax

A few days ago, the world was introduced to LIVR, a new app in development that can only be accessed once you’ve reached a certain blood alcohol level. The “app” allows users to participate in games with other drunk people, and even meet up with other inebriates in the area. “LIVR acts as a biometric… Read more »