Monthly Archives: May 2015

Get Rich Slowly (but incrementally! and steadily)

While on my various globe-trots, trying to be cool and #livethedream, I am constantly meeting people making like, really serious money for nothing. The secret? They own property, but they don’t LIVE in said property (or maybe they do live there, but are gone for weeks or months at a time). A novel idea, to… Read more »

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Blowing Sh*t Up/On Reddit

Now that Arnold has stopped wasting time Governating, he’s back to the Arnold that we all know and love, driving tanks through cars (and going in on Microsoft Zunes), hijacking Reddit threads: and Blowing shit up to help raise money for After-School All-Stars. Thats honorable enough for me, I don’t really need (m)any reasons to… Read more »

Some of the Worst-Best-of-Lists We’ve Seen

Next time you click through a 38 page slideshow of Hottest Teen Celebrities, consider that your clicks are being monetized, and hey, maybe you want to keep scrolling through those hot teen celebs, I don’t blame you at all. So in the vein of snarkily mocking other blogs, here are some of the worst Best of Lists floating around on the internet.