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Netflix Secrets That Will Change Your Life


Netflix has changed the way everyone watches television. The streaming-service offers hundreds of movies and shows at just the click of a button. It is a very user-friendly service, but there are some hidden secrets that will make your Netflix experience even better. Since there are so many options on Netflix, sometimes it is really… Read more »

The Best SportsCenter Commercials

SportsCenter on ESPN is by far the greatest show on television. Over the years, they have had some hilarious commercials starring the best athletes. Here are just a few of the best. Lebron James He is said to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But looks like King James isn’t the… Read more »

Hot Celebs Ruined By Plastic Surgery

There is a handful of smoking hot female celebrities out there. Many of them started out as gorgeous as ever, but after the pressures of Hollywood, some have destroyed their looks with plastic surgery. Melanie Griffith, 57 Melanie Griffith started out in the spotlight when she was just a teenager. She has always been a… Read more »

Athletes Sweat It Out on the Yoga Mat


Bikram Yoga is an incredible 90-minute workout that works the entire body, mind and spirit. Athletes are starting to see the benefits from Bikram and do it to help their flexibility and to help prevent injury. Andy Murray, Ryan Giggs and even the Australian rugby team have gotten hooked on the hot workout. Bikram Choudhury… Read more »

WWE Erases All Memories of Hulk Hogan


A surprising decision by the World Wrestling Entertainment stunned fans this week. The WWE announced that they terminated their contract with Hulk Hogan. Hogan is a WWE legend and the WWE is cut all ties with the wrestler. Hogan has been one of WWE’s main attractions since the 1980s. He took a 6-year break and… Read more »

Cartoon Wives Are Hot Too


As weird as it may sound, some of the women on cartoons are actually pretty sexy. Rather it be their unique looks or awesome personalities, these leading ladies are smoking hot, even if they are fictional. Lois from Family Guy Lois Patrice Griffin from Family Guy might be the coolest cartoon mom. Something about her… Read more »

Marvel’s Deadpool Trailer Thrills Fans at Comic-Con


Marvel fans got an exclusive sneak peak of the new movie Deadpool at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The trailer is not yet available to the public, but fans that saw the trailer expect the film to be one of Marvel’s best. (There are leaked versions of the trailer on YouTube, but the quality is… Read more »

Dad Bods Are So Hot Right Now


Women are loving the dad bod. Which puts a lot of less pressure on men to hit the gym constantly and look good, especially during the summer months. The guys in Magic Mike may not have dad bods, but it looks like the ladies are digging this new trend. A lot of celebrities that women… Read more »

The Worst Athlete Commercials


Athletes earn a lot of endorsements, which leads them to starring in a lot of commercials. Some athletes are actually pretty funny, while others fall short. Rob Gronkowski and David Ortiz for Dunkin’ Donuts Football player Rob Gronkowski and baseball player David Ortiz starred in their second Dunkin’ Donuts commercials. And I didn’t think it… Read more »

The Best Shark Diving Locations Across the World

South Africa

It was Shark Week on the Discovery Channel last week and after seeing all of the documentaries, it is the best time to go shark cage diving. There are even some top spots in the United States. Check out these destinations to find the best shark diving experiences in the world. Gansbaai, South Africa Gansbaai… Read more »