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Shark Week Takes Over Cable This Week


The Discovery Channel kicked off the 28th year of Shark Week on July 5th. Every year Shark Weeks gets bigger and bigger and this year they promise it is going to be the best Shark Week yet. And actually it is a little longer than a week. This year, Shark Week will last for 8… Read more »

Waiting for Fear the Walking Dead is a Killer


Fear the Walking Dead is set to premiere in August, but fans still have a lot of questions. The spinoff series of AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead, is set to take place in Los Angeles. But there isn’t much more we know. The new series will debut on AMC sometime at the end of… Read more »

Tips to Look Sexier in a T-Shirt

Men Tshirt

Like it or not, women loves a man who can look hot in a T-shirt. Yes, every guy can wear a T-shirt, but it takes a select few who can make it look good. The best way to get the right body to stand out in a tee is paying attention to detail while working… Read more »

Bionics To The Rescue

The world of bionics has been making great leaps forward in the past few years to the delight of many. One of the biggest and most impactful advancements has directly benefitted those who have suffered through many years of life without the use of one or more of their limbs. Over the past few years,… Read more »

The Future Is Here

Technology is an ever evolving industry in our world today and the possibilities seem to be endless. One of the biggest advances in technology recently has been the advent and implementation of 3D printing. 3D printing has an endless number of uses ranging from making basic toys, all the way to now building cars. Yes,… Read more »

The Force Awakens

Where were you on November 28th, 2014? I for one was sitting in front of my computer perusing facebook when all of the sudden, there it was… the moment I had been waiting for since the announcement of JJ Abrams as the director. The new Star Wars trailer had been released on the internet. For… Read more »