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Quick and Easy Drinking Games for All 30 NBA Teams

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers - Game One

People love drinking games. Why do we need a game to facilitate drinking? Peer pressure, thats why. Alcohol doesn’t really taste that good but if an arbitrary set of rules determines that its your turn to drink, well bottoms up fella, its your time to shine. Each NBA team has its own flavor and panache,… Read more »

A Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Pumpkin Pie

It is hard to think that Thanksgiving is next week. That means it is time to start preparing your Thanksgiving dinner menu. If you are looking for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, these foods are exactly what you will need! Of course your main dish needs to be turkey. There are several different ways you can… Read more »

Rousey Finally Gets Knocked Out


The UFC Women’s Bantamweight Title took place this weekend in Australia and the end results were quite surprising. Ronda Rousey has taken the fight world by storm and the defending champion was hoping to keep her undefeated record, but Holly Holm had other plans for Rousey. Holly Holm took on Rousey during the fight and… Read more »

Timbersports Becoming More Popular


Wood-chopping events date back to the 1930s and today lumberjacking events are still popular thanks to the STIHL Timbersports series. Many have said these events are like the Olympics for lumberjacks. The events give ordinary people who love to chop wood a chance to compete for thousands of dollars. Construction workers, lawyers and teachers come… Read more »

Tips on How to Work While Flying


If you have to travel a lot for your career, you know all too well the stressed of getting work done while on a plane. But sometimes you have to buckle down and be productive while flying the friendly skies. These tips will help you utilize your time and get what you need done. First,… Read more »

Terrifying Horror Films From the Past


Halloween is a little over 2 weeks away and it is the perfect time to blast to the past and honor some of the scariest movies ever made. These three films are always on the top every scary movie list. Will you be watching them this Halloween? The Exorcist Religious or not, this movie is… Read more »

Vinyl Record Sales Continue to Surge


Did you know that vinyl sales generate more money than free music services by YouTube, Spotify and Vevo combined? I found the report to be surprising. Even more surprising, it isn’t just by a little. Vinyl record sales have earned $222 million dollars in the first half of this year. Ad-based services only generated $163… Read more »

New Bike From Ford Excites Bikers

Ford Bikes

Ford has released another prototype model from their electric bike series. The series, complete with three e-bikes, have offered some stunning bikes with awesome features. The newest bike, the Ford MoDe:Flex is the coolest bikes from the series. The electric bike has an electric motor and battery. The frame has the ability to fold down… Read more »