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Trump’s First Action as President: Lie to CIA About Inaugural Turnout

In a speech to the CIA on Saturday afternoon, Donald Trump said that the pictures of the paltry crowds at his inauguration were faked by the media. It’s especially disturbing, because the photos of the inauguration released by the Federal government were amongst the ones showing the thin crowd. Trump said that after his Inaugural… Read more »

Ice Rinks to Visit This Winter


A favorite pastime in winter is ice skating and ice rinks across the country are in full swing getting ready for the holidays. You will most likely be able to find an ice rink near you, but these ice rinks have been called the best and are worth a visit anytime you are in their… Read more »

Tasty Cocktails For the Holidays


Thanksgiving is just days away and Christmas is only about one month away. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with some seasonal cocktails? From pumpkin martinis to a cocktail made with fig, you will be able to find a drink for everyone’s taste! Just remember to drink responsibly. Are you a martini lover?… Read more »

Christmas Gift Ideas for Sports Fans


It is that time of year again. Christmas is about one month away and that means you better start your shopping now. You never want to wait until the last minute because then you might not be able to find the right gift. We all know a sports fan and they are actually the easiest… Read more »

The Country’s Best Sushi Spots


Just like with most things, when you are looking for the best sushi, always look for the best quality, which will lead to the best taste. Sushi is a popular item on a lot of menus, but only some spots are known to serve up the best and freshest sushi in the country. Masa, New… Read more »

Where to Find Delicious Breakfast Sandwiches

Bacon & Goat Cheese

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We all know this. And one of the best things to eat for breakfast is a breakfast sandwich. These restaurants are known to have some of the best breakfast sandwiches in the country. The Reggie Deluxe at Pine State Biscuits in Portland Pine State Biscuits is… Read more »

SNL’S Most Memorable Music Performances

Arcade Fire

The hit show Saturday Night Live just celebrated 40 years earlier this year. The show is always full of hilarious skits and amazing guests hosts. But their musical performances through out the years have always played a huge part in the show’s long running success. These performances go down as the most memorable acts in… Read more »

Must Have Essentials for the Perfect Home Bar


One of the most important things in your home has to be a well-stocked bar. Especially if you like cocktails, it is key to have the right tools along with the right alcohol to make the perfect drinks. Here are some essentials you need to have that perfectly stocked home bar. First, you have to… Read more »

Star Wars Themed Jet Takes Off

Jet Feature

The R2-D2 Ana Jet made its first flight last weekend off from Haneda, Japan to Vancouver, Canada. Thanks to All Nippon Airways, the mastermind behind the Star Wars themed 787-9 Dreamliner, now all Star Wars fans have the chance to hit the skies in this Star Wars jet. Everything from the inside out is dedicated… Read more »