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Coachella 2017 to Debuts Headliners Beyonce, Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar

The Internet speculated that the three artists would headline the festival, based on unconfirmed reports that circulated last fall. Coachella 2017 marks both Kendrick Lamar’s and Beyonce’s first time headlining the festival, while Radiohead previously led lineups in 2004 and 2012. For its big-name reunion act, the festival tapped new-wave legends New Order, continuing Coachella’s tradition of featuring legendary groups who’d previously… Read more »

Colored Eyes? Think Again

Turns out, everyone — seriously, everyone — has “brown” eyes. You can blame melanin, according to Dr. Gary Heiting, a licensed optometrist and senior editor. You might have known that melanin determines our hair and skin color, but miniature melanin cells, called melanocytes, are found in the iris as well. Everyone has melanin in the… Read more »

Top Colognes to Wear This Winter


Just like women, men can be pretty picky when it comes to the fragrance they wear. Usually we all stick to our same favorite fragrance, but if you are looking for a new scent this winter, these colognes are worth checking out. Burberry – Brit For Men You can never go wrong with any fragrance… Read more »

Tips for Wrapping Gifts


Sometimes it can be difficult to do Christmas wrapping and actually make it look good. With Christmas just around the corner, there is going to be a lot of wrapping that needs to be done. Here are some tips on how to wrap like a professional! Wrap presents early Never wait until the last minute… Read more »

Interesting Origins of Famous Childhood Songs

Ring around the Rosie

Growing up there were plenty of songs that we all sang throughout our childhood. But some of those famous childhood songs actually have some pretty twisted meanings. Do you remember singing these songs as a kid? Ring Around the Rosie, 1881 Ring Around the Rosie might be one of the most popular childhood songs that… Read more »

Towns with the Most Holiday Cheer

The holidays are right around the corner and there is just something so special about this time of year. Some towns across the nation really know how to get into the holiday spirit and make this time of year even more magical. Next time you plan a holiday vacation, make sure to check out these… Read more »

Men are Washing Their Hair Too Much

Men & Hair

Guys are either washing their hair too much or not enough. Everyone has different types of hair, but when it comes to washing your hair, the same rules apply. Just remember, there are disadvantages to both washing your hair too much and not enough. When you wash your hair too often, your scalp will produce… Read more »

Knott’s Scary Farm Just Gets Creepier and Creepier


Knott’s Berry Farm is usually a great place to go with the entire family. But you may want to be careful visiting around Halloween. Every year, Knott’s transforms into Knott’s Scary Farm and this year it is pretty damn spooky. Guests can check out 11 haunted attractions and over 1,000 monsters that are lurking behind… Read more »