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Interesting Origins of Famous Childhood Songs

Ring around the Rosie

Growing up there were plenty of songs that we all sang throughout our childhood. But some of those famous childhood songs actually have some pretty twisted meanings. Do you remember singing these songs as a kid? Ring Around the Rosie, 1881 Ring Around the Rosie might be one of the most popular childhood songs that… Read more »

The Splat Makes Nickelodeon Cool Again

The Splat

All of you 90s kids have to remember the awesome programming that was on Nickelodeon back in the day. We were all addicted to Keenan and Kel, Doug and Legends of the Hidden Temple, just to name a few. Now we all can relive those amazing shows with the Nickelodeon’s new programming block called The… Read more »

Before Baby: How to Prepare for a Major Life Change Pt. I

Young pregnant couple

We’re pregnant! Whether this comes as a complete shock, or it’s going to happen soon, babies can bring a whole barrage of emotions. Work on the Relationship Are you happy with your partner and vice versa? If you’re planning on staying together with him or her, make sure you’re ready to go in for the… Read more »