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Coachella 2017 to Debuts Headliners Beyonce, Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar

The Internet speculated that the three artists would headline the festival, based on unconfirmed reports that circulated last fall. Coachella 2017 marks both Kendrick Lamar’s and Beyonce’s first time headlining the festival, while Radiohead previously led lineups in 2004 and 2012. For its big-name reunion act, the festival tapped new-wave legends New Order, continuing Coachella’s tradition of featuring legendary groups who’d previously… Read more »

Interesting Origins of Famous Childhood Songs

Ring around the Rosie

Growing up there were plenty of songs that we all sang throughout our childhood. But some of those famous childhood songs actually have some pretty twisted meanings. Do you remember singing these songs as a kid? Ring Around the Rosie, 1881 Ring Around the Rosie might be one of the most popular childhood songs that… Read more »

SNL’S Most Memorable Music Performances

Arcade Fire

The hit show Saturday Night Live just celebrated 40 years earlier this year. The show is always full of hilarious skits and amazing guests hosts. But their musical performances through out the years have always played a huge part in the show’s long running success. These performances go down as the most memorable acts in… Read more »

Foo Fighters to Perform in Cesena

Foo Fighters

Just a few months ago Fabio Zaffagnini organized a team of 1,000 musicians to put on one epic performance of the Foo Fighter’s hit song Learn to Fly. The video quickly went viral and even the band’s front man, David Grohl, saw the video. Zaffagnini put together the video because he wanted to grab the… Read more »

Will Smith’s Plan to Get Jiggy With It Again


Will Smith has been away from the music scene for a decade, but the actor plans on making a return in 2016. Smith has spent the last 10 years starring in hit movies, but now he is working on new material for a new album and even a world tour. He is also going to… Read more »

Who Will Be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Next?

Cheap Trick

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame organizers come together every year and announce a list of nominees to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Some acts are nominated numerous times while others get in on the first nomination. Only six performers will be honored at the annual induction ceremony next… Read more »

Classic Rock Bands Still Rocking

Motley Crue

It is hard to believe that more than 30 years later; some rock bands (aka hair bands) from the 1980s are still playing sell out shows. These guys might be pushing it in age, but they still know how to put on an awesome show. Motley Crue Motley Crue is on their last tour, for… Read more »

Vinyl Record Sales Continue to Surge


Did you know that vinyl sales generate more money than free music services by YouTube, Spotify and Vevo combined? I found the report to be surprising. Even more surprising, it isn’t just by a little. Vinyl record sales have earned $222 million dollars in the first half of this year. Ad-based services only generated $163… Read more »

Black Sabbath Will Hit the Road One Last Time

Black Sabbath

One of the most legendary heavy metal rock bands will go on tour one last time. Black Sabbath’s The End Tour will kick off in January of 2016 and even though this is the band’s last tour, they promise it will be one for the books. The popular rock band has been in the spotlight… Read more »

New Ed Force One Jet for Iron Maiden Tour

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden’s new album won’t be released until September 4th, but the band has already been going all out promoting it. The album, Book of Souls, is also spawning another world tour that will start in 2016. And the band is going all out for this one. Front man Bruce Dickinson will pilot the new… Read more »