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Nicki Minaj Wax Figure Stirs Up Trouble


One of the most sexual artists around is Nicki Minaj. The provocative singer is famous for her sexy persona and songs about sex. So it is really no surprise that her wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas is a little racy and causing some issues. Minaj’s latest video for her song “Anaconda” is… Read more »

Hot Celebs Ruined By Plastic Surgery

There is a handful of smoking hot female celebrities out there. Many of them started out as gorgeous as ever, but after the pressures of Hollywood, some have destroyed their looks with plastic surgery. Melanie Griffith, 57 Melanie Griffith started out in the spotlight when she was just a teenager. She has always been a… Read more »

Cartoon Wives Are Hot Too


As weird as it may sound, some of the women on cartoons are actually pretty sexy. Rather it be their unique looks or awesome personalities, these leading ladies are smoking hot, even if they are fictional. Lois from Family Guy Lois Patrice Griffin from Family Guy might be the coolest cartoon mom. Something about her… Read more »

Go Ahead & Stare at Those Boobs…It’s Good for You!

Kate Upton boobs

Every man loves boobs. And of course every man loves to look at boobs. Well go ahead and look boys! Starting at boobs everyday is actually beneficial to your health. A report published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that men who start off their day looking at breasts actually leads to a better… Read more »

These Sexy Madalina Pica Pics Will Increase Your Heart Rate

Sexy Madalina Pica Pics tumblr

Sexy Madalina Pica Pics That Will Increase Your Heart Rate Madalina Pica is quickly becoming one of our favorite super models. If looks could kill, we would already be rolling over in an early grave with our tongues still wagging. Hailing from Romania, this girl has looks that are distinctly European. If you’ve never had… Read more »

Top 5: Funniest Movie Sex Scenes

Sometimes when a man loves a woman… or gets really drunk… or pays money, it leads to sex. Often times said sexual situations occurs in the privacy of a bedroom and more often times ends in disappointment and laughter. Luckily today’s movie makers understand the sincere passion in love making and appropriately incorporate comedy gold… Read more »

A Grown Up Mackenzie Rosman

Remember Mackenzie Rosman? She was the annoying little preacher’s daughter from 7th Heaven — the penultimate cringe inducing  family dramas on television during the early 90’s. Whereas male viewers largely only tuned in to catch a glimpse at Jessica Biel, Rosman has taken a similar page from Biel and done a one-eighty on her wholesome… Read more »

Global Internet Porn Habits Now on Handy Map

Have you ever wondered what kind of porn your neighbors and local residents are searching for? Boy, do I have a site for you! The Global Internet Porn Habits Infographic contains six months worth of data that people have typed into their searchbox looking for that special adult video. In case you were worried about… Read more »