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Trump’s First Action as President: Lie to CIA About Inaugural Turnout

In a speech to the CIA on Saturday afternoon, Donald Trump said that the pictures of the paltry crowds at his inauguration were faked by the media. It’s especially disturbing, because the photos of the inauguration released by the Federal government were amongst the ones showing the thin crowd. Trump said that after his Inaugural… Read more »

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Blowing Sh*t Up/On Reddit

Now that Arnold has stopped wasting time Governating, he’s back to the Arnold that we all know and love, driving tanks through cars (and going in on Microsoft Zunes), hijacking Reddit threads: and Blowing shit up to help raise money for After-School All-Stars. Thats honorable enough for me, I don’t really need (m)any reasons to… Read more »

The Onion’s ClickHole is the Best Buzzfeed Parody, Ever


If your Facebook has ever been overly saturated with Buzzfeed articles, Clickhole, the new offering from the brilliant minds of the Onion, was specifically designed for you. Some will undoubtedly argue that Buzzfeed has finally become a parody of itself, a black hole devouring everything in its wake, ClickHole has quickly pushed for top honors…. Read more »

Danny Brown: Old

MTV described him as ” one of rap’s most unique figures in recent history”… music critics labeled him the “odd ball” of rap…Spin awarded him #1 hip hop album of the year in 2011 and Metro Times called him the “Artist of the Year”. Call him what you want, Danny Brown combs over his shagged… Read more »

Jay Z: The Newest Name in Sports Agency

From his obvious iconic clout as one of the greatest rappers ever, Jay Z has always dipped his mogul hands into various outlets from high end alcohol, clothing lines, (Beyonce) and most recently professional sports. The billionaire playboy doesn’t stop hustling for the next best investment which, until late, came in the form of part… Read more »

Drake: Nothing Was the Same

It didn’t take long to go from “Wheel Chair Jimmy” to walking the red carpet and wheeling around in nothing less than million dollar rides. From the jump Drake made a name from himself on features and wowed everyone with his first two albums. Now onto his third studio released album, Drake takes a step… Read more »

Russell Brand Speaks Nazis at GQ Awards

“Subsequent to my jokes, the evening took a peculiar turn. Like the illusion of sophistication had been inadvertently disrupted by the exposure. It had the vibe of a wedding dinner where the best man’s speech had revealed the groom’s infidelity. With Hitler.”-Russell Brand English comedian Russell Brand is one of the few remaining “hate-to-love” actors… Read more »

Top 5: Video Games that Would Make Good Movies

Thankfully the 90’s brought about a series of unfortunate motion pictures called Mortal Kombat (that was one styrofoam prop away from Power rangers) that really showed us how awful video game based movies could be.  In technology’s defense the early era was not equipped to recreate video game’s biggest names on the big screen, case… Read more »

The Razer Edge Pro

2013 has already brought a great deal of gadgetry to the table, shocking consumers with new improved i-phones, 80 inch razor thin television/computer screens and the ever popular but controversial Google Glass. Promises of the X-box 1 and the Playstation 4 already has gamers pleading their cases and proving their loyalties to said consoles. However,… Read more »

Ex-NBA Star Turns to Crime

While the NBA has had its fair share of criminals that either couldn’t shake their hood roots or lived the lavish lifestyle bigger than their massive budgets would allow, not many have left blemishes on the professional basketball image. Few exceptions could be Kobe Bryant’s rape case, Jason Kidd’s domestic abuse case but mostly consist… Read more »