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Chanel West Coast: Now You Know

Now You Know

From pencil pusher to paper chaser, Chanel Dudley aka Chanel West Coast is the perfect combination of both beauty and beast. As front desk secretary for Patty Dyrdek, 2009 would send her to wealthy wild child Rob Dyrdek’s front office and later a permanent cast member spot on the famous Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. Musically… Read more »

NBA Trade Action 2013

Sure the NFL season is right around the corner being over shadowed by Aaron Hernandez’s killer off season. Sure it’s the midway point of the MLB season that floods every single ESPN category imaginable with “Top Ten” footage that looks identical to last week. Fortunately hoop fans are in the midst of an off season… Read more »

Boats ‘N Clothes

Boats 'N Clothes

  Started from the bottom now Nick “Diamond” Tershay is here.¬† Establishing the company Diamond Supply Company in 1998 took the skater from grinding on rails in the park to grinding on models with Kanye West in New York penthouses. Tershay flooded the skate scene with his up and coming brand at major skate league… Read more »

Instagram’s Favorite Puppy: Huxxi the Pug

Hachibei, also known by Instagram handle, Huxxi, is a japanese Starbucks-loving pug blowing up on Instagram. Almost 100,000 people follow Huxxi the pug, as his owner takes him everywhere and posts pictures regularly. Cute pug, or cutest pug?