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The Most Ridiculous Off-Field Injuries


A lot of athletes get hurt on the field, but there are a select few who get injured off the field. When you have a job making millions, you have to be careful what you do in your off time. Here are the top 5 dumbest ways athletes have hurt themselves off the field. Joel… Read more »

Dangerous Spots To Visit On Your Next Adventure


Mount Washington in New Hampshire Mount Washington in New Hampshire is a popular hiking spot known for erratic and dangerous weather. The highest wind speed ever recorded on Earth was recorded here. Winds reached 231 mph. Not only are fierce winds a threat, Hikers also can get hypothermia. Temperatures on the summit have never reached… Read more »

Selfie Sticks Taking Over the World


Everyone is doing it. Everyone is taking selfies. Now the newest trend, especially among celebrities, is the selfie stick. This handy dandy tool has been seen used all over the world. And I think this is just the beginning. What is the selfie stick? It is a stick you attach your phone or camera to…. Read more »

Some of the Worst-Best-of-Lists We’ve Seen

Next time you click through a 38 page slideshow of Hottest Teen Celebrities, consider that your clicks are being monetized, and hey, maybe you want to keep scrolling through those hot teen celebs, I don’t blame you at all. So in the vein of snarkily mocking other blogs, here are some of the worst Best of Lists floating around on the internet.

Top 5: Funniest Movie Sex Scenes

Sometimes when a man loves a woman… or gets really drunk… or pays money, it leads to sex. Often times said sexual situations occurs in the privacy of a bedroom and more often times ends in disappointment and laughter. Luckily today’s movie makers understand the sincere passion in love making and appropriately incorporate comedy gold… Read more »

Top 5: Worst Super Hero Powers

Superman, Wolverine, the Hulk and even Spiderman under all scrutiny and spandex have the ability to possess and use “super powers”. However, there is an even more select list of Super Heroes that leave most of us just “super” confused. From fiery farts to semi-invisibility this list is a compilation of the Super Hero black… Read more »

Ex-NBA Star Turns to Crime

While the NBA has had its fair share of criminals that either couldn’t shake their hood roots or lived the lavish lifestyle bigger than their massive budgets would allow, not many have left blemishes on the professional basketball image. Few exceptions could be Kobe Bryant’s rape case, Jason Kidd’s domestic abuse case but mostly consist… Read more »

Man Tried to Sneak A Turtle On a Plane As a Hamburger

In China a man tried to sneak a turtle onto a plane as a hamburger, in  KFC packaging.  After the X-ray machine operator noticed some strange protrusions coming out of the alleged burger or chicken sandwich, the man was subjected to a search where they found his beloved pet, literally sandwiched between two buns. Not… Read more »