Top 5 Breweries in Arizona

Arizona is home to some great breweries you that you can’t miss when visiting the Grand Canyon state. The delicious and refreshing beer is a great way to escape the desert heat. Just make sure to drink responsibly!

Four Peaks Brewery

Four Peaks Brewery first opened in 1996 in Tempe. The original location is located not far from Arizona State University in an old creamery on 8th street. It is a really cool place to go and have dinner and beer. It is the most known and successful brewery in Arizona and produces about 38,000 barrels of beer a year. They opened another location in Scottsdale and most bars and stores offer Four Peaks beer. They have an amber ale called Kilt Lifter that is pretty popular and very tasty. The Arizona Peach is a light ale with a hint of peach flavor. Four Peaks also has their very own stout called Oatmeal Stout. This is a very dark beer, but actually really good. You can check out more of their beers at their website.

San Tan Brewing Company

Another valley favorite is San Tan Brewing Company. It is not quite as popular as Four Peaks but it still has some really good beer and can be found at a lot of places throughout Arizona. The brewery is located in Chandler and specializes in southwestern style ales. They claim to have designed the beer for the hot, dry climate in Arizona. The beer is refreshing and in a way quenches your thirst. Mr. Pineapple is a light ale that is delicious and really tastes like pineapple and is often served with a slice of the fruit. Devils Ale is another ale that is pretty good and is a popular San Tan beer. The brewery also offers a special series that has a Hibiscus pale ale that I have been wanting to try. Don’t worry, San Tan offers a lot more than just ales! Check out their beers at their official website.

Mudshark Brewery

Mudshark Brewery is from Lake Havasu and is becoming more and more popular around Arizona. It has some pretty tasty beers and can be found on tap at a lot of bars and even in cans and bottles at many grocery stores. Mudshark attends a lot of beer festivals across the state and not only have their regular beers, but offers seasonal beers. The Watermelon Ale is absolutely delicious and served up with a slice of watermelon. In the fall, the Pumpkin beer is fantastic and served with a cinnamon sugar rim. The brewery also has their own IPA and a beer that is very similar to Blue Moon, called Full Moon. Mudshark boasts they use the best ingredients and are pushing towards greener beer. Check out more information here.

Oak Creek Brewing

Oak Creek

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Oak Creek Brewing is located in gorgeous Sedona. It is not very popular, but can be found at some places across the state. The have been around for 20 years and have good beer, but nothing too special. It is growing though and hopefully they will offer more varieties of beer. Right now they have a popular nutty flavor beer called Oak Creek Nut Brown Ale. They also have a pretty good traditional hefeweizen. Their Oak Creek Pale Ale is another popular one that is very crisp and refreshing. More information is on their website.

Nimbus Brewery

Located in Tucson, Nimbus Brewery has been around for about 20 years. It is getting more and more popular and can be found at more bars and stores all the time. It isn’t a big name yet, but becoming one throughout Arizona. The American Red Ale is really good and one of the most known beers. It is similar to an amber ale. The Northwestern Pale Ale came out in 1997 and is a good, traditional ale, just nothing really special. The Monkey Shiner is a beer that has higher alcohol content but is tasty. It is a fun place to go to and has a really friendly staff. Check out their website for more information.

The Top 5 Fourth of July Celebrations

Not sure what to do for the 4th of July? Check out these festivals that celebrate Independence Day with a bang.

New York

New York

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The Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks is a world-famous event that has been going on for several years. It airs live every year and this year you can catch it on NBC. Something new this year, the 25-minute fireworks show will shoot from two locations near the Brooklyn Bridge. This area offers a lot of places to go to watch this spectacular fireworks show.


Hollywood Bowl

Courtesy of Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Time

The Hollywood Bowl is an iconic venue that sits in front of the famous Hollywood sign. Every year, they host a terrific show on the 4th of July. Smokey Robinson will host this year’s July 4th Fireworks Spectacular. The Los Angeles Philharmonic will join Robinson and play patriotic music while fireworks light up the Hollywood Hills.

New Orleans

New Orleans

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The Go 4th on the River celebration takes place on the historic downtown New Orleans Riverfront. The Independence Day celebration features a dueling fireworks show that is synchronized with patriotic music. It is actually ranked the 5th must see fireworks display in the country.



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Boston is home to the award-winning Harborfest. The 4th of July festival is a six-day event that showcases the heritage of the American Revolution. It is one of the best and largest 4th of July celebrations in the country and offers a handful of events. It is held in downtown Boston and includes Revolutionary re-enactments, free concerts, museum exhibits, educational seminars and so much more. Over 2.5 million people attend this event every year and come from all over the country.



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The Philly 4th of July Jam and Grand Fireworks Finale hosts one of the largest free concerts in America. After catching some live music from hit artists like Miguel and Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, you can watch the fireworks light up the night sky right over the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The concert starts around 8pm and the fireworks will follow starting around 10:30pm.

Comic-Con Hits San Diego July 9th

The San Diego Comic-Con International is just a little over a week away and this year it is going to be big. The convention has been around since the 1970s and continues to get bigger and bigger each year. And this year’s is supposed to be epic.

Comic-Con logo

Courtesy of Comic-Con

The San Diego Comic-Con is a four-day event that showcases everything from comic books to science fiction shows and movies to horror shows and movies to anime and much more. If you like any of this stuff, the convention will sure to have it there.

The San Diego Convention Center holds the largest convention of its kind in North America. So be prepared for downtown San Diego to be covered in people dressed up as super heroes and characters from their favorite comic books and so much more crazy stuff. The convention is expected to see over 120,000 attendees.

The convention will have a number of panels, seminars and workshops along with much more. There will be a lot of stars attending and guests will have the chance to participate in a meet and greet. Some cool events happening this year is the majority of the Walking Dead cast will be there. A big event happening is the trailer of AMC’s new show, Fear the Walking Dead, will be released at this year’s San Diego Comi-Con. It is the highly anticipated spinoff that premiers in August and so far, we haven’t been told much about it. Also, The Games of Thrones Panel will sure be a hit. Seth Myers will be monitoring the panel and will for sure bring some laughs.


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There is some bad news this year though. Selfie sticks are not allowed at San Diego Comic-Con. Sorry folks, going to have to leave them at home this year. However, people are still, of course, allowed to dress up however they want. You will see a lot of girls walking around as their favorite female characters and sometimes they aren’t wearing much. You can still get a photo with them; just don’t use that selfie stick.

The Hottest LPGA Players

The LPGA 2015 Wal-Mart NW Arkansas Championship took place over the weekend at the Pinnacle Country Club in Rogers, Arkansas and there were some good-looking participants this year. Na Yeon Choi of South Korea walked away with the championship and $300,000. These girls may not have won the tournament, but at least they make the cut for the hottest LPGA ladies to play in it.

Sandra Gal, 30


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The German golfer is not only known for her killer body, but for her big personality. Sandra Gal went to the University of Florida and joined the LPGA Tour in 2008. She has won 1 major tournament and has earned over $3 million dollars. She is a pretty good golfer and has one of the best bodies on the golf course.

Lexi Thompson, 20


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The gorgeous golfer is only 20-years-old, but has already won four times while on the LPGA Tour, including a major tournament. At 12-years-old, Lexi Thompson was the youngest golfer to qualify to play in the U.S. Women’s Open. She turned professional at just 15-years-old. She has recently been in the spotlight for posing topless for Golf Digest.

Michelle Wie, 25


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Michelle Wie might be the most popular female golfer at the moment and she is also one of the hottest. Born in Hawaii, she grew up playing golf and was always amazing at it. She turned professional right before her 16th birthday and continues to excel. She won the U.S. Women’s Open last year and has earned over $5 million dollars in earnings. Not to mention, Wie has a lot of endorsement deals and earns a lot of money from those too. She has the talent, money and looks.

Paula Creamer, 28


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The golfer from California won the U.S. Women’s Open in 2010 and has earned over $11 million throughout her career. Paula Creamer joined the LPGA Tour back in 2005 and was ranked the 2nd best woman golfer in the world at one point in her career. She is still pretty young and has a lot of time left looking good on the golf course.

Catch These Movies & Shows Before They Leave Netflix

Netflix offers a number of great movies and television shows. But every month, contracts expire which leaves some shows and movies exiting the streaming service. There is still a chance the contract will be renewed before the expiration date, but better to catch these shows and movies before it could be too late.


Courtesy of

A good number of contracts are set to expire on July 1st. Netflix is in the works of renegotiating deals, but so far the following television shows and movies will not be on Netflix come July.

The list includes:

– Big Fish

– Bowling for Columbine

– Cast Away

– Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie

– Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

– Space Cowboys

– Super Troopers

– Terminator 2: Judgment Day

– The Last Samurai

– The complete season of Harper’s Island

– Seasons 1-10 of Hawaii Five-O

– Seasons 1-8 of Wings

There are some other contracts that expire at a later time in July.

The list includes:

– Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

-Seasons 1-5 of Miami Vice

-Seasons 1 Myth Hunters

At least Netflix gives us fair warning before shows and movies leave their streaming service. Hopefully many of these contracts will be renewed or extended. You can always browse the Internet to find out what shows and movies are on the verge of expiring.

For the complete list of movies and television shows that are set to disappear from Netflix in July, check out this article.

Independence Day Resurgence Hits Theaters in 2016

The sequel to Independence Day will land in theaters on June 24th, 2016. This is 20 years after the first Independence Day came out in 1996. Independence Day Resurgence will have some familiar face, but also some new ones.

Scene from original Independence Day. Courtesy of Forbes

Scene from original Independence Day. Courtesy of Forbes

The film is directed by Roland Emmerich and will star new cast members Liam Hemsworth, Maika Monre and Sela Ward. Returning for the sequel are Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman and Judd Hirsch. I don’t think Will Smith will be in this one, but Jeff Goldblum returning makes up for that.

According to the director, the sequel takes place in present day, 20 years after the alien attack in the first film. Over those 20 years, humans have come together to organize a global defense system. Goldblum revealed that his character is the director of the organization and they use alien technology to help prevent future invasions.

Even though the sequel is being released 20 years after the original, I think it will still grab the attention of a lot of people. It may even interest a new generation. Alien films never die and now that there is better technology, I am sure Independence Day Resurgence is going to have some pretty awesome special effects.


Spaceship used in Independence Day Resurgence. Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

A photo of the space ship that will be featured in the film has been released. But no trailer has been released yet, so I am not sure what the storyline will be. However, if they say the humans have come together to form an organization to prevent alien invasions, then you can pretty much guess that there was one attack they couldn’t prevent and that will be the movie, fighting off the new alien invasion. No matter what, I am sure Independence Day Resurgence will not disappoint.

Selfie Sticks Taking Over the World

Everyone is doing it. Everyone is taking selfies. Now the newest trend, especially among celebrities, is the selfie stick. This handy dandy tool has been seen used all over the world. And I think this is just the beginning.


Courtesy of Dallas News

What is the selfie stick? It is a stick you attach your phone or camera to. The stick reaches longer than your arm, so it is the perfect tool to use to take a selfie. I have seen selfie sticks on the lake, at concerts, in magazines, on television, everywhere!

Kevin Hart stole the People’s Choice Awards show this year when he brought a selfie stick on stage. Leonardo Dicaprio was recently spotted in New York using one. On the David Letterman Show, Tom Hanks brought a selfie stick and got a great photo of him and the late night host. Even Barack Obama has been caught using one. But P. Diddy is one celebrity that is always using his selfie stick. From across the world, he is always catching his vacation moments with it.


P. Diddy using his selfie stick. Courtesy of

The selfie stick was actually named one of Time Magazine’s best 25 inventions of 2014. But some places and events ban the selfie stick. San Diego’s Comic Con recently announced that selfie sticks will be banned this year. A lot of concerts and festivals also have been jumping on board and banning selfie sticks at their events. Some amusement parks have even banned the selfie stick. I guess a stick can be dangerous, but I don’t think they should be banned. I do know one thing, since the selfie stick has appeared; there has been a lot more selfies on the web. I do not think the selfie stick is going anywhere for a long time.

2015 U.S. Open Pays Big Bucks

The 2015 U.S. Open just wrapped up and the payouts are big. The U.S. Open’s purse was a whopping $10 million dollars this year, which is $1 million dollars more than last year’s purse.

U.S. Open

Courtesy of ESPN

The 115th annual golf tournament took place in Washington over the weekend and some of the players made some serious money. The U.S. open increased their purse this year to match other major championships that raised theirs last year. Not only does the winner of the U.S. Open receive a trophy and the title of champion, they receive a lot of money.


Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports

Jordan Spieth won the tournament this year and also will be receiving $1.8 million dollars. Spieth is only 21-years-old and this is his 2nd full season golfing in the PGA Tour. He has won back-to-back majors, which means he has raked in a lot of money. That isn’t too bad for a golfer who isn’t even 22-years-old yet.

Golfers Louis Oosthuizen and Dustin Johnson both tied for second place and will end up receiving around $870,000 dollars each. Adam Scott, Cameron Smith and Branden Grace all tied for third place, but all three will still walk away with about a little over $400,000 dollars. Even the golfer who came in 25th place overall will get paid $85,000 dollars.

Not only do golfers make big money winning tournaments, they also score big endorsement deals. The bigger and better golfer you are, the more companies want you to endorse them. More endorsements means more money!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game – To See These Hot Girls Pitch

There have been a number of celebrities who have thrown out the first pitch at a baseball game. But there have also been a handful of really hot girl celebrities who have done this as well. Here some of the hottest girls who have thrown out the first pitch.

Karli Kloss

Karli Kloss

Courtesy of

Just recently, model Karli Kloss thew out the first pitch at Busch Stadium is St. Louis. Kloss is a native to St. Louis and went to plenty of St. Louis Cardinals’ games growing up. The model posted photos and videos on her Instagram account with the hashtag #bucketlist. Not only does Kloss have good looks, she loves baseball. She is every man’s dream girl!

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

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Actress Eva Longoria has been in the spotlight for many years and has always been a sex idol. Back in 2005, Longoria threw out the first pitch at an Anaheim Angels game. She showed off her killer abs while stretching before throwing the pitch. I am pretty sure all eyes weren’t on the ball.

Gisele Bundchen


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Former Victoria’s Secret and runway model, Gisele Bundchen proved that football is not the only sport she likes. At the peak of her career, Bundchen threw the first pitch at the Boston Red Sox’s game back in 2004. Tom Brady’s wife wore a Red Sox jersey and hat. Bundchen pulled off the look well and even looks hot in a ball cap.

Maria Menounos

Maria Menunous

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Back in 2007, Maria Menounos threw out the first pitch at a Baltimore Orioles game. The star grew up in Maryland and threw one of the worst pitches we have seen. The television host may not have done a good job throwing the baseball, but she did look good while doing it.