Serious Crimes Drop in Kingston, Residents Still Don’t Feel Safe

While the rate of serious crime continues to fall in Kingston, New York, members of the neighborhood don’t feel the city is safe enough to be comfortable. In light of a recent shooting, the local neighborhood watch has set out to find ways to lessen the violence and drug use in the community.

hudson valley new york travelStatistics show that in the past year, the rate of serious crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny and vehicle theft has decreased in Kingston. However, serious crimes of that realm continue to happen and the people living in these neighborhoods don’t have enough police presence to feel safe on the streets. Many residents have questioned the validity of last year’s statistics and have wondered what they mean for their quality of life in Kingston.

“The statistics do not include the kinds of crimes residents often complain about most: drug dealing, disorderly conduct, drinking in public and various nuisance violation,” police chief Keller admitted.

According to long-time residents, what was once a safe family neighborhood has turned into one where door and window locks are necessary at all times to feel secure. Parks have been taken over by drug activity and building landlords only care about collecting rent at the start of each month.

When crimes and arrests are occurring so frequently, it’s important to have a defender on the people’s side to deal with the justice system. Serious crimes call for serious violent crime defense to maintain the balance between the rights of the accused and the justice system.

Neighborhood Scout data shows that Kingston is only 16 percent safer than all of the other cities in America. Chances of residents becoming a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 298, compared to New York City where chances are just barely higher at 1 and 262.

Many residents still hold on to the hope of cleaning up the city. The Kingston Neighborhood Watch meets weekly to brainstorm ways to lessen the criminal activity they see in their community.

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Scary Movies : The Twisted Truth Behind Why We Love Them


Freddy. Jason. Annabelle. If these names give you both chills and joy, you are someone who’s content with spending $13 or $14 on getting a good scare at the movies. You watch these films all year round because every day is Halloween, really. You’re able to recall with precision the scene from Nightmare on Elm Street where Johnny Depp falls asleep and gets swallowed alive by his bed. The dark red splatter that follows has haunted you for decades. You’ve seen The Exorcist more times than you can remember.

You know witches are real. You also know that whatever your dog saw was more than a tree shadow. So why do you do it? Why do you put yourself through 90 minutes (sometimes more) of pure fear? Why do you keep on watching when you know something terrifying is coming around the corner?

Believe it or not, watching a scary movie is a great way to work things out or to go through a cleansing of sorts (not to be confused with the many cleansing or detox kits you buy at Whole Foods after New Year’s Eve). The word “catharsis” may come to mind, as its origins are from the Greek word “katharsis,” which relates to the purification or purging of emotions.


Thrill seekers have made the brains behind World War Z, the Resident Evil franchise, and most recently, the South Korean zombie thriller Train to Busan very, very rich. And let’s not forget The Walking Dead and its companion prequel, Fear the Walking Dead. Why are you drawn to the horrible sounding creatures who just won’t stop in their quest to eat you (and possibly make you one of their own)? Humanity has always been interested in death and what happens when our lives end. Like Roth, Dr. Paul J. Patterson of Saint Joseph’s University thinks that zombies make a lot of sense right now. “It’s about the environment degrading and falling apart,” says Patterson, who is the Director of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation Studies Program. “It’s a disease following you. It’s the Zika virus, the Ebola, this constant news stream of disease and environmental damage.” The zombies on The Walking Dead, for example, serve as a commentary to how humans react when society breaks down. “That’s always the fear in the back of our minds,” Patterson says. “When society fails us, when the government fails us, how will we react? Will we help each other?”

Is hair loss a confidence killer for young men?


As men become older, the loss of hair not only becomes expected but in most cases it is accepted. In fact, research from leading hair transplant clinic; Crown Clinic have found that just 1 in 10 men over the age 55 in the UK are likely to consider a hair transplant.  One theory behind the statistic is that older men may be led to believe they are not eligible for a hair transplant, however, this is simply not true, and men over 50 often receive excellent results.

So, when is the right time for a hair transplant

Male pattern baldness can occur at any time from adolescence. Many young men these days decide to seek treatment early to avoid all types of hair loss, and 39% of them are likely to consider a hair transplant if they have a receding hairline. 

Older men, on the other hand, seem to accept that hair loss is merely a way of life, and therefore disregard hair treatment. However, with all the technology in the world today, accepting hair loss can be a thing of the past. 

When hair loss starts late in life, or a drastic lifestyle change occurs, hair restoration can be the best option, sometimes it is a necessity. For instance, at this age, it is not uncommon that a youthful appearance could be advantageous in someone’s career.

For men over 50

For men over the age of 50 seeking hair restoration for the first time; there are many points to consider and discuss with a hair restoration specialist. This could include:

  • A hair transplantation of men this age will probably produce age appropriate results, meaning they shouldn’t expect the full hair style of a 25-year-old, but instead improve the appearance baldness
  • The number of donor grafts is also another important factor for men over 50 when deciding what is an achievable goal. For an older man, a first- time hair transplant may be their only chance of hair restoration if hair loss continues to diminish the patient’s supply of donor hair
  • One of the main goals for a man of this age is to achieve restoration of a frontal hairline, as well as strategic placement of grafts behind the hairline in order to achieve a fuller head of hair

Success Rates

One of the great things about hair transplants at an older age is that the hair patterns have already been established, whereas a younger man’s hair pattern is still unpredictable – which could mean repeat ‘top ups’ for younger men as hair loss continues into later life. 

The Goals

Whether or not an older man’s hair goals are achievable should be discussed after the hair specialist has examined the scalp. For instance, an older man with a significant amount of hair loss, may only be able to achieve certain results. All hair transplant consultations should be undertaken on a case by case basis. 

The amount and quality of the donor’s hair, the anticipation of future hair loss and the degree of current hair loss are all things you should discuss with a hair restoration specialist for achievable goals.

This infographic from FUE Hair Transplant Experts Crown Clinic explains the link between hair loss and confidence in men in more detail:

Overwatch – The Best Video Game of 2016 and also the last 10 years

Blizzard’s new IP, Overwatch, started its open beta this weekend, and a few of the staff here at CrookedManners have been playing the shit out of the game. Its an awesome game. Countless gamers who are probably now in their 30s (or 40s) started gaming via some iconic vehicles, namely DOOM, UNREAL (and much later) Team Fortress and Halo. These games were awesome, bombastic-to-the-edge-of-cartoony shooters where fortune favored the bold. After the heyday of arena shooters like Doom that ended after Halo 2, the rise of “realistic” shooters became a thing. I’m talking about your Call of Duties, your Battlefields, your XComs, your Counterstrikes. These games are all AAA titles, and they all had their moments. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t dumped plenty of hours into CoD and Counterstrike.

But all the games got more and more “realistic,” so did the gameplay. You know what realistic war gameplay is? It’s sitting in a bunker waiting for some idiot to show his grape, and then you pop his grape. Thats how Call of Duty works. Also all of these games have pretty much the same characters. You’ve got some mix of guy with AKs, ARs, and Sniper Rifles. Boring.

Overwatch builds on the class type warfare seen in old school shooters like the original Team Fortress and its offspring, Team Fortress 2. It takes the general classes of healer, tank, DPS, and sniper and infuses some character archetypes from the rising tide that is the MOBA genre.

So when you take a class based shooter and combine it with a MOBA game, what exactly do you get?

Turns out that you get an extremely accessible, extremely fun and extremely deep game. The phrase “a minute to learn and a lifetime to master” seems pretty accessible here. Among the 21 playable heroes are a wide variety of playstyles, so FPS veterans with great twitch-shooting abilities can find high-skill shooters, and players coming from a MOBA or an MMO can find a hero that requires map-awareness and position but not so much aiming ability.

Moreover, the game values teamwork and communication. Being a masterful fragger means nothing if you do not coordinate your frags with the team’s objectives. Speaking of objectives, there are a three game modes, a King of the Hill mode, a Payload mode, and a hybrid of the KotH and Payload. On each of these objectives, things like “pushing with your teammates” (a MOBA staple) and “team composition” (another MOBA/Team Fortress staple) are largely more important than “who is better at shooting the guns.” You could put Experts against 6 “just OK” players, and if the experts had a poor composition and did not coordinate with eachother, they would lose to the “just OK” guys.

We here at CM have been playing Blizzard games since Warcraft 2, hell maybe even Warcraft 1, and we’re prepared to call this the best Blizzard game since those days, maybe ever.

For more information or to join the Open Beta, go ahead click here.

Featured image courtesy of — A Lazy Man’s Political Guide

Hey, here are Crooked Manners we have opinions on many things, but politics is like, not one of those things. We found a tool that we really like, and it provides all of the information that we need to know about the presidential campaigns. And nothing else.

Truly the no spin zone, except for the heads, which spin a little (more like a tilt but we’re trying to be clever here).



Quick and Easy Drinking Games for All 30 NBA Teams

People love drinking games. Why do we need a game to facilitate drinking? Peer pressure, thats why. Alcohol doesn’t really taste that good but if an arbitrary set of rules determines that its your turn to drink, well bottoms up fella, its your time to shine.

Each NBA team has its own flavor and panache, so a ‘one-size-fits-all’ drinking game seems pretty gauche, so without any more preamble, here are 30 custom drinking games–1 for each NBA team. And remember “drink” might just mean a gulp of beer, or it might mean a shot of whiskey. That is up to you, man.

Atlanta Hawks: Drink for every screen Kyle Korver runs around.

Boston Celtics: Whenever a Celtic does something scrappy, drink.

Brooklyn Nets: Drink whenever the announcers mention draft picks or Billy King.

Charlotte Hornets: Something about Jeremy Lin’s hairstyle–drink.

Chicago Bulls: Drink when former MVP Derrick Rose misses a shot.

Cleveland Cavaliers: The beer you are drinking must have a good bit of foam, you should drink enough to have the beer foam moustache all 48. They all have moustaches so why are you off the hook?

Dallas Mavericks: Drink for Wesley Matthews KatW3$ Everdeen bow and arrow celebration. Also drink on the “Dirk” (one legged fadeaway).

Denver Nuggets: (Must be watching on opposing broadcast) Drink whenever an announcer butchers one of the Nuggets’ names.

Detroit Pistons: Drink whenever FlavaFlav on the PA says something in that loud and obnoxious DEEEEEETROIT style. Y’all know what I mean.

Golden State Warriors: Pop open a bottle of champagne and just chill bruh.

Houston Rockets: Drink whenever Ty Lawson drives.

Indiana Pacers: Drink when someone with the last name “Hill” does something good.

Los Angeles Clippers: You must speak all game in your best Doc River’s hoarse-voice, drinking at your leisure since thats gonna wear out the ole’ larynx.

Los Angeles Lakers: Just drink boys, no good will come of this.

Memphis Grizzlies: “Grit” = 1 Drink, “Grind” = 2 Drinks

Miami Heat: Drink everytime you think to yourself “goddamn, Wade’s jawline is all the way out there huh?”

Milwaukee Bucks: Every stoppage of play accidentally spill some of your drink on your shirt.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Drink for Flip.

New Orleans Pelicans: Draw a unibrow in sharpie on your forehead and proclaim to the room that you could potentially drink the entire 30 rack. Potentially.

New York Knicks: Shotgun a beer on every Porzingod putback. Might as well just shotgun a beer for every Porzingod highlight, actually.

OKC Thunder: Drink every time Dion screams “AND 1!!!!”

Orlando Magic: Drink whenever Dewayne “the God” Dedmon touches the basketball.

Philadelphia 76ers: Drink while explaining the fermentation/distillation process of the drink in your hand.

Phoenix Suns: Drink whenever Mirza Teletovic shoots without even considering moving the ball around.

Portland Trailblazers: If someone besides Dame and CJ score, drink up because those are bonus points.

Sacramento Kings: Drink whenever Demarcus Cousins pouts.

San Antonio Spurs: Purchase le classiest beer from HEB. Enjoy it you animals.

Toronto Raptors: Drink when DeRozan plays DeIso. Drink twice when it actually works.

Utah Jazz: Drink on any points by someone whose name contains either a “Trey” or a “Burk”

Washington Wizards: Drink on any recorded statistic by Ryan Hollins.


So thats about it, aren’t you happy these weren’t put on 30 different slides? Also remember to be responsible when you drink.


Ice Rinks to Visit This Winter

A favorite pastime in winter is ice skating and ice rinks across the country are in full swing getting ready for the holidays. You will most likely be able to find an ice rink near you, but these ice rinks have been called the best and are worth a visit anytime you are in their area.

Rockefeller Center in New York

New York

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It is no surprise that the ice rink in Rockefeller Center is one of the best. Located in the heart of New York, the tiny rink only allows 150 guests on the ice at a time, but with sparkling Christmas decorations and a giant Christmas tree surrounding the rink, it all makes it worth the wait. The ice rink brings a lot of spectators and the ice rink has been featured in many Christmas movies and shows.

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink in Washington, D.C.

The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink sits on Washington’s National Mall and is surrounded by artistic sculptures designed by well-known contemporary artists. Guests skate around the rink and get an up close view of these amazing sculptures while taking in the beauty of the nation’s capital. Plus it is located near Pavilion Café, which has delicious food and beverages along with an outstanding view of the ice rink.

McCormick Tribune Ice Rink in Chicago


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Chicago’s McCormick Tribune Ice Rink is located in Millennium Park and attracts over 100,000 skaters every year. The rink has a chiller system that prevents the ice from melting just in case it gets warmer than usual so the rink is open all winter long. The rink offers a great view of the city and is just minutes away from Chicago’s Miracle Mile.

The Depot Rink in Minneapolis

The Depot Rink in Minneapolis is one of the oldest skating rinks in the nation dating back to 1899. The indoor ice rink is heated and includes floor-to-ceiling glass walls that give skaters an incredible view of the city. There is something magical about the historic Depot Rink and it is a nice place to go to escape the chilly temperatures of Minnesota.

Top Colognes to Wear This Winter

Just like women, men can be pretty picky when it comes to the fragrance they wear. Usually we all stick to our same favorite fragrance, but if you are looking for a new scent this winter, these colognes are worth checking out.


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Burberry – Brit For Men
You can never go wrong with any fragrance from Burberry, but their Brit For Men is one of their best. It is a fresh scent with a hint of oriental wood and blends of ginger, rose and spice. It is a sexy and masculine scent that is subtle that most women love. You can find Burberry’s Brit For Men at most department stores as well as Sephora and it starts at $64 dollars for the small bottle.

Prada – Luna Rossa Cologne
Prada’s Luna Rossa Cologne is full of lavender aromas mixed with spearmint, sage, wood and amber. It is a great fragrance that is fresh and sensual. Prada rarely disappoints and this cologne is perfect for athletes because it is energetic and a little on the strong side. Sephora has Prada’s Luna Rossa Cologne starting at $64 dollars.


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Dior – Sauvage Eau de Toilette
Dior is known to have some of the best perfumes and colognes out there and their Sauvage Eau De Toilette is an excellent choice. It has a base of ambroxam with top notes of Reggio di Calabria bergamot mixed with Sichuan pepper. It is a very elegant scent that has some sort of citrus aroma to it as well. It is a classic fragrance that lasts. Most department stores and Sephora carry Dior’s Sauvage Eau de Toilette and it starts at $68 dollars.

Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanille for Men
Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille For Men is said to be inspired by an English gentlemen’s club and has notes of ginger, vanilla, anise, tobacco leaves and coriander. It has a creamy scent with aromas of vanilla, cocoa, sweet wood sap and dry fruit accords. It is a pretty sophisticated cologne that smells like a classic. Sephora has Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille For Men and it starts at a hefty $220 dollars.

Cyber Monday Deals

Not everyone enjoys fighting the crowds during Black Friday. That is why Cyber Monday is always a huge successful. You can find the best deals, especially on electronics, from the comfort of your own home. And this year many of the stores are extending their sales past Cyber Monday and into the entire week.


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Amazon is one of those places that are offering deals all week long. Starting on Cyber Monday and running through December 5th, you can find a handful of killer deals on the best electronics. They are offering a 28-inch Roku Smart TV for only $170. Or you can score a 32-inch Upstar 720p TV for $150. One of their best deals is a Vizio 54-inch 5.1 sound bar speaker that is going for under $300. Make sure to checkout Amazon for more deals.

Best Buy
Of course Best Buy has some great deals on quite a few electronics as well. They have a GoPro Hero4 in Silver for $400 and that includes an $80 Best Buy gift card plus a 64GB memory card. Best Buy is also offering a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite in the Kids Edition for $100 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7-inch with 64Gb for only $450. Check out Best Buy’s website for more savings.


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Target is offering 15 percent off everything when you use promo code “CYBER15” and you can use this with all of their other offers. You can get a Nintendo 3DS XL for $200 and it comes with a Super Smash Bros game. With a $30 gift card, they are offering a GoPro Hero+ action cam for just $200. Target is also taking 50 percent off of all Sennheiser headphones. You can find more deals at Target.

Like always, Wal-Mart is starting off early with their deals by starting today at 5:00p.m. eastern time. They are offering 2,000 online deals including a 50-inch Samsung 1080p for $498. You can also get a LG wired Blu-ray player for just $48 and Beats by Dre Drenched Solo headphones for $99. For Star Wars fans, Wal-Mart is offering the PlayStation 4 Star Wars Console Bundle that comes with four Star Wars games for $399. For all of their deals, check out Wal-Mart’s website.