Tips for Wrapping Gifts

WrappingSometimes it can be difficult to do Christmas wrapping and actually make it look good. With Christmas just around the corner, there is going to be a lot of wrapping that needs to be done. Here are some tips on how to wrap like a professional!

Wrap presents early
Never wait until the last minute when it comes to wrapping your Christmas presents. You don’t want to have to rush and do a messy job, so get in the habit of wrapping presents as soon as you get them. Use sticky notes to label presents so you know what goes to who and when it gets closer to the holidays, you can add bows, ribbons and tags then.

Try to color code gifts
If you have a lot of gifts this year and don’t want to mess with gift tags, try to wrap gifts for one specific person in the same color. So for every person that is getting a bunch of presents, use a different color and wrap all of their presents in the same color. It is fun and easy!

Wrapping Boxes
You may think that boxes look like they are easy to wrap, but they aren’t as easy as you may thing. The key to perfectly wrapping a box is to never use a lot of paper. Start by wrapping the paper around the box and trim it so that the ends overlap each other just a few inches. When you are folding the ends, just make sure the paper extends to just a little halfway over the box.

Recycle and reuse gift-wrap
Never throw away used wrapping paper, ribbon or bows if they are not damaged. You can always use them for something. You can even cut them to fit smaller things or use them to fill boxes or bags.

Use decorative tape
Decorative tape is amazing. Not only does it work as tape, but also it is pretty! So you can actually use it to wrap your presents and then not have to use ribbon on top of it. There are so many different colors, patters and widths that you will be able to find something to match any of your wrapping paper.

Keep everything in one bin
When it comes to all of your wrapping items, store them all in one bin so they are easy to get to. You will always know where to look and always know how much of something you have. You will have your bows, ribbon, tissue paper, wrapping paper, scissors, decorative tape and gift bags all in one convenient spot!

Clean Up After Your Holiday Party With These Helpful Tips

PartyChristmas is just about one month away and there will be plenty of holiday parties for you to attend. But if you are hosting a party of your own, follow these tips to help make the cleaning up part not so bad.

It might be a little chilly, but after a party, air out your place by opening up the windows. This will also help with not getting that overpowering cleaning smell from all of the products you use to clean. Another great idea to help with the smell is to chop up lemons and limes and put them in the garbage disposal. You will be able to clean out the sink while freshen up the smell of your kitchen, which will travel throughout the house.

If you aren’t going to go all out and use the fancy flameless candles and are using regular candles, be prepared for some wax to get spilled. If a candleholder or plate gets wax stuck on it, just stick it in the freezer and the wax will harden and it will be easy to pick right off.

You can’t have a holiday party without red wine and if you are hosting a really good party, then someone just might end up spilling that wine. If you have a red wine stain that you need to get out of carpet or a rug, just mix hydrogen peroxide with dish washing liquid. Pour it right onto the stain and it should help the redness fade.

Usually when you have a party, coasters are not going to be used so you are bound to get watermarks on your tables. But don’t worry; it will just take a little time to remove. If you have a wood table, just take a blow dryer and turn it on high for about 30 minutes hovering over the water ring. The ring should eventually fade away right before your eyes.

You can still throw a fabulous and fun holiday party without having to worry and stress about the clean up. Go ahead and have a great time then remember to use these tips when it comes to cleaning up after the fun.

Don’t Be a Scrooge. These Tips Will Help You Avoid Holiday Stress

ScroogeMost of us love the holidays, but like them or not, they usually bring some stress. It is a very magical time of year and even though it can get pretty crazy during the holidays, you never want to turn into a Scrooge. These tips will help you eliminate that unneeded stress so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the most wonderful time of year, all with a smile.

The first thing you need to do is make a list, for anything and everything. Santa uses a list every year and it is a good habit to get into. You can have as many different types of lists as you want, but always make sure to have a gift list and Christmas card list so that you don’t forget anyone special this holiday season. It is also helpful to use a list to keep things organized especially with things that you need for wrapping presents, decorating the house and baking goodies.

Next, start early and be prepared with your holiday cards. Don’t be afraid to start too early with your cards. You don’t need to send your cards early, just make sure you have everything you need and start on them early. Always have a list of everyone you are sending cards to with the right items like cards, decorations (stickers, gems, decorative tape), stamps and of course, the correct addresses.

If you are organized, you are going to have a smoother holiday season and that means less stress. It is helpful to have a special box that is just for all of your gift-wrapping needs. Try to keep at least one pair of scissors in there with some tape, gift tags, tissue paper and bows. If you can get a large enough box, you can store your wrapping paper and gift bags in there too. It is nice to have all of these things together when you are wrapping presents. Plus it makes things easier for next Christmas!

The post office is always busy and especially around the holidays. To avoid having to make multiple trips to the post office, collect everything you need to send and send it all at once. That way, you only have to deal with the busy post office once this season.

Remember, the bet thing you can do during the holidays is to keep an open mind and keep up that Christmas cheer, no matter how crazy things may get.

Tasty Cocktails For the Holidays

Thanksgiving is just days away and Christmas is only about one month away. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with some seasonal cocktails? From pumpkin martinis to a cocktail made with fig, you will be able to find a drink for everyone’s taste! Just remember to drink responsibly.Martini

Are you a martini lover? Mix together some vanilla vodka, pumpkin schnapps, a dash of cream and a little bit of nutmeg with some cinnamon along the rim and you have a yummy pumpkin pie martini. You can also make the consistency different if you would like by messing around with the ingredients and some ice and a blender. If you are more in them mood for apple pie, grab some butterscotch schnapps and green apple vodka. Mix the two in a shaker and pour over ice. You can decorate the glass with some caramel syrup and enjoy.

Remember those Red Hot candies? Well there is a cocktail that tastes just like those. The Gold & Spicy cocktail is very delicious and full of alcohol. So you have to take your time with this drink and don’t drink too much. It is made with basically just tequila and Goldschlager.

Looking for a cocktail made with fig? Try a Fig and Bourbon Fizz. You will need to have some fig fruit spread, any bourbon of your choice and vanilla cream soda. Mix an ounce of the spread with 4 ounces cream soda and 1½ ounces of bourbon with ice. Make sure you really mix it so the fruit spread separates and goes well with the liquids.

Flaming Pumpkin

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For a cocktail to steal the show, the flaming pumpkin drink will fore sure be a hit. Mix 1/3 ounce of Bailey’s Irish Cream with 1/3 ounce of Goldschlager and 1/3 ounce of Kahlua. Make sure to stir then light on fire and enjoy! It is like a Thanksgiving version of a flaming Dr. Pepper!

If you want a break from the cocktails and want to indulge in a shot, try a Pumpkin Bomb. Choose your favorite pumpkin beer and pour it in a pint glass. Mix ¾ of Pinnacle Whipped with ¼ of Goldschlager in a shot glass. Drop the shot glass in the glass of beer and chug away. They really taste like pumpkin pie and they are a lot of fun to drink.

For more great holidays drinks, make sure to check out

Christmas Gift Ideas for Sports Fans

It is that time of year again. Christmas is about one month away and that means you better start your shopping now. You never want to wait until the last minute because then you might not be able to find the right gift.

We all know a sports fan and they are actually the easiest person to shop for. Every sports fan wants a gift representing their team like a jersey or some type of apparel or accessories. Or you could go for the ultimate gift, tickets to a sporting event.


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In case you are having problems coming up with ideas for your sports fanatic, check out these great ideas that every sports fan will love.

Stylish Apparel
What Arizona Cardinals fan doesn’t want to sport a Larry Fitzgerald jersey? Or what Miami Heat lover doesn’t want to wear a cool Heat shirt? No matter whom you are buying for, you will be able to find some type of apparel with their favorite sports team. For guys, you can always get them a team t-shirt, a jersey of their favorite player, a cool sweatshirt with their favorite sports team logo or even gym shorts with their team’s logo. If you are shopping for a woman, they have really cute feminine shirts in every sports team and also very nice fitting sweatshirts. You can also find comfy fuzzy socks that every woman would love to keep their feet warm.

Notre Dame

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Fun Accessories
There are so many different types of accessories for every sports team that it is actually pretty crazy. They have steering wheel covers in pretty much every team, trash cans, pillows, wall clocks, calendars, mugs, key chains, the list just goes on. They even have cell phone covers in teams like Notre Dame, USC and more. If you are shopping for a man, you can get a New England Patriots mug or a Kansas City Royal’s trash can. They also have some really neat team beanies and blankets. If you want to get a woman a gift, they have key chains with sparkly gems in teams like ASU, Los Angeles Lakers and New York Yankees. Or you can get a cute Oakland Raiders necklace or a Green Bay Packers bracelet. There really is something for everyone and their favorite team.

Sporting Event
Of course if you can, then definitely get your sports fan tickets to a sporting event. You don’t have to worry about not being able to get tickets now, you can always make a coupon or voucher saying that you will get tickets for a certain game or for a game of their choice. There are a few different ways you can do something this. Or you can always get basketball tickets for this season or if you are lucky, land some last minute football tickets. It is really up to you on how to do it, just make sure to go big if you are going to all that trouble.


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The Best Pubs Around London

Over the last several years, London has hosted a handful on NFL games. Now London has a pretty big fan base, but it is also the spot where rugby and cricket started plus it has been called the unofficial home of soccer. So it is no surprise that London is home to some of the greatest sports pubs in the world. These pubs are the best spot to grab some drinks and watch your favorite sporting event.

The Alexandra

The Alexandra has been serving great food for over 150 years and it still has that rustic charm. Over the years, the pub has earned itself the title of being the best spot to watch sports while throwing back a few cold ones. It happens to be a pretty tiny pub, but the atmosphere is awesome and the food is delicious. The pub is made of dark wood and red brick and it has a large selection of televisions.

Euston Flyer

Euston Flyer

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Euston Flyer is a traditional English pub and is a very popular spot for city workers since it is so close to two train stations. But it is also a terrific place for fans to come to check out a game and eat the pub’s tasty fish and chips. The pub is complete with large television screens throughout the place so every seat has a great view. Plus, they also offer free Wi-Fi.

The Temperance


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If you are looking to watch every type of sport like soccer, rugby, golf and the grand prix, then The Temperance is the place to be. It pretty large and every week the pub puts out a viewing schedule on their website of upcoming sporting events that they are airing that week. They also cook up great food that is always made with fresh ingredients.

Elk Bar

Elk Bar

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Elk Bar is every meat lover’s dream offering seven different burgers on their menu along with three different types of chicken, three different versions of wings and much more. The pub also has one of the best varieties of craft beer on tap and also a wide variety of cocktails including their mouthwatering mojitos. The place is complete with giant televisions that play a variety of sports like rugby, soccer, cricket, tennis and more. They also have a cool HD projector and a 3D screen to really enhance your viewing.

A Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

It is hard to think that Thanksgiving is next week. That means it is time to start preparing your Thanksgiving dinner menu. If you are looking for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, these foods are exactly what you will need!

Of course your main dish needs to be turkey. There are several different ways you can prepare it like cooking it the oven or even deep-frying it. Either way, just make sure that it is juicy and delicious. Stuffing is also another must have to compliment the turkey.

The sides are just as important as the turkey. You can’t go wrong with a ton of mashed potatoes and homemade gravy. Add salt and pepper to them with some butter and they will be a big hit. Staying with potatoes, you also have to have sweet potatoes. My favorite is sweet potato casserole, which is complete with walnuts, marshmallows and plenty of brown sugar and butter.

Another perfect casserole for Thanksgiving is green bean casserole. Just don’t forget the seasoning of your choice, fried onions and lots of cream. Cranberry sauce, if made right, is also a really tasty side to have.

I always have a glass of water to wash down my meal, but I also like to pair it with my favorite wine. I have had cranberry wine before that was really good and is ideal on Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to have some fresh baked delicious rolls to go along with everything too!

Pumpkin Pie

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And who could forget quite possibly the best part? Dessert! I always enjoy a variety of pies and that might be a lot for one person to bake, so ask guests to bring their own favorite pie to share with everyone. You must always make sure to have at least apple pie, pecan pie and pumpkin pie.

What does your Thanksgiving menu look like this year?

Rousey Finally Gets Knocked Out

The UFC Women’s Bantamweight Title took place this weekend in Australia and the end results were quite surprising. Ronda Rousey has taken the fight world by storm and the defending champion was hoping to keep her undefeated record, but Holly Holm had other plans for Rousey.

Holly Holm took on Rousey during the fight and surprisingly won. Rousey is known to kickass every time she enters the octagon, but this wasn’t her best fight. On the other hand, Holm is also an impressive MMA fighter, but hasn’t been too good when it comes to UFC. But this weekend was different as she finally handed Rousey her first lost.


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Starting off the fight Rousey came in with a lot of punches, but Holm gave her a bloody nose and a pretty hard hit to the jaw. Holm went in and just started pounding on Rousey, but Rousey still was able to get a nice hook in. Both fighters really showed how tough they were in the first round and just kept fighting hard.

But Holm ended up delivering a head kick and knocked out Rousey in the second round. It was really awesome to see Holm take down Rousey and I am glad it was her because she proved she is a really great fighter and really has a lot of class.


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Some could say Rousey deserved it after she rudely refused to touch gloves with her opponent at the beginning of the match. I don’t think a lot of people saw it coming, but it is pretty crazy that after all of the shit Rousey talked this year, she ends up getting knocked on her ass. I do feel a rematch coming in the next year though…

Suffering From an Arm Injury? These Workouts are Safe!

Arm InjuryWe did a post not long ago about workouts that were safe to do when you have a leg injury. As humans, we tend to favor some parts of our body, so when we have an injury, this gives us an opportunity to focus on parts of the body that we aren’t used to working out. If you happen to be suffering from any of these upper body injuries, don’t stay out of the gym just do these following exercises.

Broken Arm
Breaking an arm sucks. You feel like there are so many things you cannot do when you have a broken arm. Depending on the location of the break, there are still some great exercises you can do to help make your upper body stronger. If you happen to break your arm closer to your hand, then you can do weighted squats with the assistance of a safety squat bar. The bar helps to make sure your arm, hand and elbow are not in a bad spot while doing the squats.

Tennis or Golfers Elbow
Frequent tennis and golfers can suffer from elbow injuries very easily. This can make playing tennis or golf or doing some workouts very painful. You can still work on strengthening your upper body by doing push-ups without putting a lot of pressure on your elbows. To help with this, use two dumbbells and place your hands on them a few inches outside of your shoulders and turn out 45 degrees. Or even try a push-up using the downward dog position.

Injured Rotator Cuff
It really depends on how bad your injury really is, because if it is minor, you are still able to get your cardio in. But you want to make sure to not put any unnecessary strain on your injury. When you injure your rotator cuff, you can still try to do the elliptical by holding on to the handles. Or you can try some rows with low weight. Just make sure to do a higher amount of reps.

Holiday Traveling Tips

Traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas can be quite the hassle, but sometimes it is inevitable. Traveling always increases around the holidays and that causes crowded airports and longer lines. But there are some things you can do to make the most out of traveling around the holidays.

AirportThere is some good news this year when it comes to fares. Airlines have been offering competitive prices all year so it looks like flying around the holidays in 2015 will be cheaper than it has been in recent years. Passengers can look to save around 23 percent on some flights this year.

Still don’t wait too long to book your flights. During this time of year, it is common for the price to go up a little each day and it usually doesn’t drop back down. Definitely try to book well before 10 days in advance, because that is when you will see the biggest increase in prices.

Thanksgiving and Christmas happen to be the busiest times to travel in the nation so at least you will be a little prepared for the crowded airports. The best thing you can do is to go along your merry way with that Christmas cheer. Just keep in mind that not everyone is going to be in that Christmas spirit, so keep calm and do your best to get through it.

If you just want to try to avoid the crowds all together, but still need to try to travel during the holidays, be flexible with your schedule and even consider flying on December 25th. The airports are usually a lot less busy on Christmas Day, plus flights seem to be cheaper. Or you can also always look at smaller airports near your destination.

These are just some tips to help you get through traveling during the holidays. It is usually just a good idea to avoid traveling at all, but if you need to, just remember to arrive early and be prepared for delays.