Michigan’s Spooky Urban Legends

Halloween is just around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to check out some creepy urban legends around the state of Michigan. There are some pretty crazy stories that float around Michigan. You be the judge if they are real.

Paulding Light

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The Paulding Light lights up on Highway 45 near the town of Paulding. Many people say the light is that of a railroad worker that died while trying to switch a track. Others say it could be the ghost of a Native American dancing on power lines. Either way, most think the light is a ghost of some sort. There is still no explanation for this light.

One of the most popular haunted places in the state is The Landmark Inn. Famous female pilot Amelia Earhart stayed at this hotel right before her death. It is said that her ghost makes frequent appearances in room 502. Many guests have reported odd noises coming from underneath the bed along with weird flickering lights. But people still choose to stay in room 502.

The Denton Road Bridge in Belleville is especially creepy. A woman lost her child on the bridge during a car crash and it is said that her ghost still haunts the bridge. Many bystanders believe the woman’s ghost is still there and have reported hearing the baby cry.


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Black Squirrels are not very common, but Michigan is one of the few regions that home these animals. Some believe these animals are evil. It is said that the founder of Kellogg cereals had these squirrels brought over to fight red squirrels. Just like black cats, people get a weird feeling from black squirrels. But there is no proof that they are evil.

Everyone has heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but have you heard of the Michigan Triangle? The triangle stretches across Lake Michigan and is known to have some very unexplainable mysteries. It is similar to the Bermuda Triangle where tales of ghost ships, UFO sightings and mysterious disappearances all have occurred in this area.

Why Iceland Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot

Just a few years ago not many people would think Iceland is a cool destination for a vacation. But recently, more and more people are choosing to travel to Iceland. So it made me wonder what is so popular about it. It isn’t just the fact that fire and ice can coexist like they do on the island, but there is much more to Iceland.

Iceland’s volcanic landscape is full of hot springs, waterfalls, geysers, glaciers and even black-sand beaches. Their winters are dark, but with mild temperatures. Their summers are sunny with sunshine at midnight, but cool and refreshing temperatures.

Vatnajökull and Snaefellsnes national parks call Iceland home and are a great place to see some stunning glaciers. Not only are these glaciers breathtaking to look at, they are perfect for ice climbing, snowmobiling and even hiking. There are also a number of waterfalls on the island and they are easy to find. Nothing is quite like the beauty of Iceland and there are tons of spots to go to see it. In the same trip you can experience hot springs and volcanoes along with beaches and glaciers.

Not only is the cultural scene impressive, but so are the natives. Icelanders, as they are called, are creative and many are known for their outstanding writing, composing, painting, acting and designing. Iceland is actually a really tight-knit community and brings such creative energy to the island.


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Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and has a lively nightlife scene along with historic Viking museums. Surprisingly, the capital is a quick five-hour flight from New York and only three hours from London. Spending a couple days in Reykjavik is a must so that you can experience the restaurants and bars along with the museums and historical landmarks.

There is so much to do and see in Iceland that of course I am just scraping the surface. But there is no denying that Iceland is absolutely gorgeous and is a great place to go on your next vacation.


Top Colleges For Tailgating

Tailgating is an important part of football. There is something about tailgating that brings fans of all ages together, from current freshman students to proud alumni. These four colleges have die-hard fans and know how to put on the best tailgate festivities.

Louisiana State University


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Louisiana State University fans cook up some interesting and gourmet foods for their tailgating parties. You can find foods like alligator, pig, crawfish and gumbo on any given game day. Tailgaters can also enjoy listening to the school band as they march to the stadium down the hill. LSU knows how to party and be prepared to go all day and night, win or lose.

University of Michigan


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Tailgating at the University of Michigan starts bright and early at 7am. Fans continue to eat and drink just before the game starts. A traditional drum line step show takes place a little over an hour before the game and really gets fans pumped up. The Wolverines have some other pretty cool traditions including a huge tailgate party put on by the Ross School of business at Fingerle Lumber Yard. In the center of the party is a 1985 Ford school bus that is pained blue and has a DJ, a dance floor and couches. The MBA students know how to party.

University of Texas


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It is no surprise the University of Texas tailgating has some great food and music. Not only does the stadium fill with game day festivities, but also the whole town turns into a huge party. There are plenty of restaurants that have their own celebrations or join the dedicated fans for the ultimate tailgating party.

University of Southern California


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At the University of Southern California, fans gather at the Trousdale hours before the game starts to have a party like no other. The band walks around campus playing songs and pumping up fans. If you really want a good time, attend the tailgating festivities when USC takes on their rivals UCLA. Fans get all into this rivalry by hanging UCLA teddy bears on trees and dragging them around campus.

Vinyl Record Sales Continue to Surge

Did you know that vinyl sales generate more money than free music services by YouTube, Spotify and Vevo combined? I found the report to be surprising. Even more surprising, it isn’t just by a little.

Vinyl record sales have earned $222 million dollars in the first half of this year. Ad-based services only generated $163 million dollars in just the first 6 months of 2015. It is an incredible difference and vinyl sales make up one third of total music sales.


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In the first half of 2014, the ad-based sites generated $128 million dollars. So these sites did see a big spike in a year. But so did vinyl records. Compared to last year, their sales are up 52 percent.

Not only are vinyl sales up, but CD sales are down. In fact, there is no other music format that is surging as much as vinyl records. When it comes to purchasing physical music, buyers like large images and collections. Another bonus when it comes to buying these records is the exclusive content some of them offer. Many of them even come with a free digital download. Artists have noticed the soar in vinyl sales so some of them are releasing colored records and special singles on vinyl records.

Of course paid streaming services continue to bring in the most money. These services have a lot of paid subscribers and not as many users who use the ad-based services. In the first half of this year, paid streaming services generated over a billion dollars. That isn’t even for the full year of 2015. All sales of physical recordings have only brought in $748 million dollars so for this year.

Paid steaming services will probably continue to dominate music, but it looks like vinyl records aren’t going anywhere any time soon. It doesn’t seem like the vinyl record thing is just a phase. It has always continued to generate a lot of money and each year it brings in even more.

Quick and Easy Meals with Fresh Seafood

It is sometimes hard to find the time to prepare healthy meals during your hectic day. But there is an easy way to eat healthy with these meals that can be made in 15 minutes. A lot of people think fish takes a long time to make, but these dishes take no time at all.

Spiced Salmon Kebabs


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These salmon kebabs are a breeze to make and have a lot of flavor. First you need to chop the salmon into one-inch chunks and season with a mix of cumin, oregano and sesame seeds. This will give the fish a sort of spicy taste. Of course you can’t forget the lemon so squeeze as much lemon juice as you would like over the fish and also put some lemon slices between the salmon on the kebabs.

Rosemary Citrus Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp Tacos

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If you are in the mood for shrimp, these tacos are the perfect option. You can use either white rice or brown white and choose from either black beans or pinto beans. Cook the shrimp however you prefer and layer the rice, beans and shrimp in the tortilla of your choice. You can use lemon to add some more flavor and juice to the tacos. Don’t forget to add your favorite hot sauce or salsa or even splurge a little and add some guacamole.

Black Bass With Rosemary-Olive Vinaigrette

Black Bass

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For a little bit of a more elegant, yet quick meal, go for the black bass with rosemary-olive vinaigrette. Pan-fry the black bass or really any thick and flaky fish you like. Mix in olives, rosemary and plenty of garlic and instead of lemon juice, use fresh-squeezed orange juice on the fish for of a more citrus flavor. It pairs really well with a salad and light vinaigrette dressing.

Fall’s Hottest Watches for Men

Watches say a lot about your style and it is the one accessory every man needs. Depending on the watch, it can really add to your outfit. This fall season, of course your classic silver and gold watches are in style, but also different shapes and sizes of watches. Check out these watches that are perfect for fall 2015.

Diesel Starship Watch $140


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For $140, the price is really not bad for this nice of a watch. The Diesel Starship watch is set in a stainless steel case and has a great look. There is a convenient date window and a super nice brown leather strap. It also has a very handy 3-hand quartz movement.

J. Crew Bulova Watch $199

J. Crew

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The J. Crew Bulova watch will cost you a little more than the Diesel watch at $199. It has a little different of a look, but I like it. The watch is based off a vintage military style from the 1940s. The look has been updated and is stainless steel with a canvas leather strap in a great green color. This watch is also 30m water resistant so it is perfect as an everyday watch.

Mougin & Piquard The Oceanique Watch $625


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If you are looking for a really nice watch, the Mougin & Piquard Oceanique watch is stunning. The watch is stainless steel and water resistant to 10 ATM. It has Swiss quartz movement and includes a calendar. This is one of my favorite watches this season because it can be paired with a casual outfit or even dressed up.

Movado Red Label Bracelet Watch $2,495


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For around $2,500 you can get the Movado Red Label Bracelet watch. The black and silver watch comes with a date and day window all on a stainless-steel bracelet. The sapphire crystal face is gorgeous and comes with a three-hand display. This is another terrific watch, but for the price, it is a little bit nicer than just your everyday casual watch.



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Tailgating This Weekend? Don’t Forget These Foods

You can’t have football without some tailgating. Stadiums across the country participate in game day festivities and these foods are the best snacks to serve at your tailgating party.

Crock-Pot Pulled Pork


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Pulled pork is always a yummy choice because you can do so many things with it. One of the easiest, yet still tasty, ways to prepare pulled pork is in a crock-pot. It also makes it really easy to transport to the game. It really takes no time to prepare and you can get it started just the night before and it will be ready in time for your tailgating fun. You can mix whatever spices you want and have the option of eating it by itself or pile it high on a sandwich.

Three-Cheese-Artichoke Calzones


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This might not be your traditional tailgating snack, but a three-cheese-artichoke calzone will be a big hit at your tailgate. Using a mix of pecorino, fontina and ricotta cheese, blend with artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes. This will make a creamy filling that you can put in a calzone. You have the choice of making bigger calzones or cutting them into smaller bites. Don’t forget some marinara sauce for dipping!



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You can never go wrong with nachos, especially right before a football game. But these ultimate nachos aren’t just chips with melted cheese. Next time you go to the big game, bring along a giant plate of chips with juicy ground beef or chicken and overload it with black beans, crisp lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, black olives and of course sour cream and guacamole.

Roasted Jalapeno Poppers

These snacks are the perfect for any tailgating partying. Roasted jalapeno poppers are delicious snacks by themselves or dipped in whatever sauce you prepare. Start off by blending smoked pepper cheese, feta cheese and cream cheese. Use this to fill roasted jalapenos for a quick and easy treat. We can thank Rachel Ray for this yummy version.

These College Towns Live for Football

The bond between a college football team and their town is strong. Win or lose, fans stand by their team and bring communities together. Depending on the outcome though, cities turn into parties or zoos. If you have ever been to a big college football town, then you know what I am talking about. These towns bleed, sweat and breathe college football.

Auburn, Alabama


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Auburn, Alabama loves its hometown school, Auburn University. The Auburn Tigers has decade old traditions honoring their football program like throwing rolls of toilet paper over 80-year-old trees at Toomer’s Corner. Toomer’s Drugs is a local restaurant that serves sandwiches and ice cream and is a place that every Tiger fan needs to go. The whole city really comes together to cheer on the Auburn Tigers football.

South Bend, Indiana

Notre Dame

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South Bend, Indiana is home to Notre Dame and they have some of the most dedicated football fans of them all. Fans of the Fighting Irish have been known to drive all over the country to see their team play ball. Notre Dame happens to be one of the oldest schools in the country and their academic achievements are just as impressive as their football team’s achievements.

Eugene, Oregon


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The Oregon Ducks are always one of the best teams in the NCAA. Last year, they went to the first National Championship game and put up a good fight against Ohio State Buckeyes. The streets in downtown Eugene are full of bars decorated in green and yellow and parades march down the street for the die-hard Ducks fans.

Lincoln, Nebraska


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The Nebraska Cornhuskers play in a stadium that holds around 80,000 fans. Nebraska fans are so dedicated that it is said the stadium becomes the third-most populated area in Nebraska on game day. Downtown Lincoln has a lively bar scene and it is very close to the stadium so you know it is always busy on game days. The city and The Nebraska Cornhuskers football program really represents how strong the bond between a city and football team can be.

The Hottest Trends for Fall

Fall is here and that means a little change in your wardrobe. Just because it is colder outside, doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. A lot of trends come from the runway, but they also come from street style that are creative and innovative. These looks will be sure to turn heads this season.

Brown Suede Shoes


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Brown is a terrific color for the fall season. Try to go for a brown suede boot, loafer or even slipper. These options are usually seen in the spring and summer, but this look is great to lead you into fall. For the colder season, a darker brown suede show will look best especially if you pair it with blue jackets or even jeans.

Denim shirts

Denim shirts and jackets just never go out of style. They are a staple in your fashion and this year is no different. A denim shirt is always a go to look for the fall season. The button-down denim shirts go great with dress pants and you can choose from darker or lighter tones. If you dare, you can also pull off the denim shirt look with jeans.

Beige Blazers


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Before it gets super cold, you can still rock that blazer. For fall, go for a beige color blazer. This color goes great with black slacks or even some jeans. Neutral colors are always a good choice during fall especially when it is a jacket that adds to your look. You can also go for a beige blazer with some added subtle color like a pocket square or a tie.

Round Sunglasses

Who wouldn’t want to copy John Lennon? His classic round style sunglasses are back in style and are the perfect look to go with those beige blazers or denim shirts for fall. But don’t feel like you have to stick to black frames. Go ahead and venture out and try to add some interesting color to your outfit with different color frames. No matter what color you go for, you will be styling for the season.



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Oktoberfest is in Full Swing

The world’s largest beer festival is underway in Munich, Germany and every year Oktoberfest brings in over 6 million people from around the world. The 16-day festival just started so there is plenty of time to get to Germany for the 182nd Oktoberfest.

The beer festival and traveling fair kicked off on September 19th and will run until October 4th. The first Oktoberfest dates back to 1810. There are a lot of places that put on their own Oktoberfest, but nothing is quite like the original in Germany.

Visitors not only enjoy endless amounts of beer, but also a variety of attractions like games and rides. One of the best things about Oktoberfest is their food and all of the options pair really well with the delicious beer. Some of the traditional German food that is sold at the festival includes sausages (Würstl), white sausage (Weisswurst) pretzels (Brezens), Sauerkraut, potato pancakes (Reiberdatschi) and much more.

A lot of the attendees have fun dressing up in traditional Barvarian clothes or medieval historic outfits. You can catch a lot of these looks during the parades that take place during Oktoberfest. The Mayor had the honor of tapping the first barrel at the opening ceremony and a few people took the challenge and successfully drank beer out of a boot. (You have all seen the movie Oktoberfest)


Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Around 6.7 million liters of beer is consumed during Oktoberfest and there is a number of tents setup where visitors can fill their giant mugs. Bartenders are known to only take 1.5 seconds to fill a liter of beer. The only beer allowed at the festival are beers that are brewed within the city limits of Munich. The following beers are the only ones that meet this criterion: Augustiner-Brau, Hacker-Pschorr-Brau, Lowenbrau, Paulaner, Spatenbrau and Staatliches Hofbrau-Munchen.

If you are a beer lover then you need to attend Oktoberfest in Germany at least once. You can always go to your local Oktoberfest, but the one in Germany is an experience of a lifetime. From the beer to the people to the food, it is an absolute epic festival that is over 180 years in the making.