6 Reasons to Get a German Shepherd Dog

You just finished up your appointment at ThriveMD, and one of the staff was showing you a picture of their adorable German shepherd puppy. You’ve always loved the look of a German shepherd, and you’ve wondered if one would make a great fit for your family.

There’s no reason to guess anymore, we’re here to explain 6 reasons to get a German shepherd dog!

Great at Home Protection

German shepherd dogs are commonly used as security and guard dogs for a good reason. This stunning breed is one of the most protective dog breeds out there. You’re sure to sleep safe and sound knowing this loyal companion is sleeping at your side.

Easy to Train

Fortunately, German shepherd dogs are one of the easiest breeds to train. While other cute furry companions are cuddly and sweet, the German shepherd offers the best of both worlds. There’s no doubt that they’ll pick up on training in no time and they’ll be the star of any obedience class.

Incredibly Loyal

Loyalty is at the heart of the German shepherd dog breed. These noble companions are committed to standing by their own through thick and thin. They’re certainly a breed that values people, but their main focus is always on their owner. If you’re looking for a dog that will always be at your side, look no further than the German shepherd.

Highly Intelligent

German shepherd dogs are one of the most intelligent of dog breeds. This should come as no surprise seeing how easy they are to train and how quickly they pick up on things. The only downside to their intelligence is they’re prone to find ways to get to places where they shouldn’t belong. As long as you keep a close eye on them and let them know the rules of the house, you should have nothing to fear!

Beautiful Breed

Not only is the German shepherd dog highly intelligent, but they’re also incredibly beautiful. With their thick coats and regal appearance, they’re sure to have a lot of people stopping to admire their beauty.

Friend for Life

There’s a reason that dogs are known as man’s best friend. We know the German shepherd dog is loyal to a fault, highly intelligent, easy to train, and make a great security system. Yet, what makes them the most valuable is that they will offer you friendship for life.

This incredible dog breed lives to serve and love their owner. If you’re ever feeling down or overwhelmed, you can count on your German shepherd dog to give you just the time and attention you need.

Final Thoughts

German shepherds have a lot to offer to their forever families. However, it’s important that you do your research before bringing one into your life. While these dogs have a lot of amazing qualities, you want to make sure that they’re the right fit for you. Consider fostering a German shepherd first if you’re not sure you’d both be the best fit for one another.


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