Traveling to Vienna on Your Next Vacation

Planning your next vacation? The beautiful city of Vienna just might be on the top of your list. The capital of Austria is known for its artistic and intellectual residents like Beethoven, Mozart and Sigmund Freud. With plenty of historic and contemporary buildings, Vienna is a gorgeous place to visit.

The Weather

Located in Northeastern Austria, Vienna has an oceanic climate. The best time to visit is in the Spring and Autumn when temperatures are mild. The summers are warm with high temperatures hovering around 90 degrees Fahrenheit with lows in the mid 70s. The winters are typically dry with temperatures around the freezing point. Highs during the winter months tend be around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. You will most likely not catch too much rain as precipitation is moderate throughout the year.

The Shopping & Dining

Luckily, it is easy to get around town and even easier to travel to the Vienna airport. As soon as you get off the plane, you can head to some of the fantastic shops full of luxurious good. From jewelers to antique stores to designer boutiques, there is something for everyone! You will have plenty of chances to experience typical Viennese meals. The cuisine is known to be full of flavor and there are many great restaurants throughout the city to enjoy. You can also get a chance to eat at some of the fine dining restaurants that have rave reviews from top chefs. If you are looking to wine and dine, there are a number of chic and stylish spots to choose from. And you can’t visit Vienna without going to one of their coffeehouses that serve up delicious local coffee and pastries.

The Sightseeing

Vienna is full of beauty and incredible sights to see, with over 100 museums and exhibits to explore. St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a must stop for every visitor as it is known as one of the most important structures in the city. It was constructed in the 12th century and has accents of gold and precious stone. Another symbol of the city is the Giant Ferris Wheel. At 65 meters tall, the ride offers breathtaking views of the area. It was built in 1897 and has been featured in many Hollywood films. While strolling around town, make sure to look at all of the amazing art work by the top artists on the buildings in Vienna.


Feature photo by Fabian Lackner

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