DIY Home Repairs That Even Non-Handy Men Can Do

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be much of a DIY expert, there are a surprising number of home repairs which even non-handy guys can do quite easily with very little or even no previous experience. You can actually save a lot of money doing these DIY fixes yourself without having to call out a contractor, so here are some projects that you might want to consider tackling next time a problem occurs at home!

Fix Your Toilet

Lots of guys worry about trying to repair their toilet – after all, a toilet is a must-have for your home and you don’t want to do something wrong and then realize that it can no longer be used! However, there’s no need to be afraid of your throne! In fact, toilets are operated with simple mechanisms which you can understand very easily. Clogs, continuously running water and loud noises are all easy to resolve issues if you buy the right replacement part. Open up the tank and look inside and you’ll see that you can fix the components surprisingly easily.

Fix A Door

There are lots of issues which can affect your home’s doors. Sagging, sticking and damaged hinges are just some of the problems you might experience. Luckily, it’s surprisingly easy to replace or fix a door. It’s easier if you have someone to help you to hold the door in place while you work, but you’ll be amazed when you try to install weather stripping, fix dodgy hinges or replace a lock how easy it can actually be.

Unclog Your Drains

It might be tempting to call out the professionals if your drains aren’t clearing any more, however they’re often very simple to resolve yourself. Greasy grime and hair are usually the culprits of blocked drains and you can clear them easily yourself. Forget chemical drain cleaners. Instead, get a plunger and clear out the clog. It’ll save you money and time and your drains will be clear in no time.

Fix Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal units can be frightening, especially when they’re switched on and its blades are grinding away. However, smelly garbage disposals are no fun. You don’t need to suffer in silence or call out a contractor to fix the issue. You can easily clean the gunk and eradicate the odor yourself. In fact, you can replace the unit yourself without too much fuss.

Repair Your Car

Although a major breakdown might require a trip to your local garage, there are lots of repairs you can do on your vehicle yourself without having to get any professional help at all. Tire maintenance, for example, is something you can easily accomplish without any help. Measuring the tread, checking tire pressures and topping them up and changing flat tires are all easily within even a complete beginner’s ability. Replacing spark plugs is also a breeze. So long as you buy the correct replacement items, you can replace them in minutes. Changing auto light bulbs is also much easier than you’d think.

Repair Your Deck

If you have a deck outside your home, there are lots of issues which you may experience from warped boards and squeaky nails to missing screws and wobbly railings. However, they’re surprisingly easy to fix on your own by watching an internet tutorial rather than having to spend a lot of money calling out a contractor.

Loosening Stuck Windows

If you haven’t opened your windows in a while, you might find that when you do come to open them they’re stuck and can’t be moved. Don’t call in a professional, you can fix this problem yourself. You’ll need a lubricant like WD-40 and a pizza cutter or putty knife which will wiggle open the edges. Once the window is open, clean it properly to avoid the issue occurring again.

Any homeowner can find that over time, items in their home will break. However, don’t rush straight into hiring a professional to sort the problem out. There are lots of problems which are DIY fixes if you buy the right supplies and check the internet for information. Of course, a professional’s help is necessary if you need to resolve a dangerous problem, but use this checklist to see if you could tackle the job yourself before you pay out!

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