How A Gentleman Wears Cufflinks

Nothing adds a more gentlemanly charm to an outfit like the wearing of cufflinks, which makes it a perfect accessory to a formal wear. Aside from keeping your cuffs neatly in place, your business attire looks more stylish and sophisticated when you have the right pair of cufflinks on.

How To Wear Cufflinks

So, if you are ready to be the next dapper gentleman in town, go to Silver by Mail UK and get yourself a pair of fine-looking cufflinks. The cufflinks are used to fasten shirt cuffs closed but unlike buttons, these are separate accessories and are not sewn unto the clothes.

When you first start using these fashion accessories, they can be a little fiddly to put on but you’ll find the process gets easier over time. How you put on the cufflinks depends on their style. There are several types of cufflinks that you can choose from:

  1. Bullet Back Cufflink

This is one of the most popular cufflink types due to its ease of use and security. These cufflinks feature a small cylinder set between two short bars. To use, simply move the small horizontal bar into a vertical position, then slide the end through the cufflink holes with the interiors of each cuff touching each other. Secure your cuff by returning the horizontal bar to its original position.

  1. Whale Back Cufflink

This is among the most common cufflink closures in the market. It consists of a flat face that features a whale’s tail, which flips back to fasten the link closed.

  1. Chain Link Cufflink

This type of cufflink allows for a looser cuff depending on the wearer’s preference. The chain link cufflinks are easy to fasten and many are reversible, with its ends connected with a chain.

  1. Stud/Button Cufflink

Considered a more secure style, this cufflink does not feature a moveable bar. It is fastened with no moving parts so you simply push the links through the holes for it to stay in place. If you want to adjust the link, find the smaller end and tilt it, and then straighten the links to secure.

  1. Ball Return Cufflink

This cufflink type features a style that is more advanced. It has a chain link and fixed closure variations.  The link faces can differ with design. However, the back end will vary based on its ball shape.

  1. Locking Cufflink

The locking type features a more contemporary style. It is secured using a dual-locking system, a closure similar to that of a wristwatch, so it functions like a hinge.

  1. Knotted Cufflink

For informal occasions and events, the silk knot cufflinks are recommended. They provide pops of color to your outfit. The knot cufflinks are easy to use and is apparently the most affordable type, although silk knots are also less durable than metal cufflinks.

Cufflinks are traditionally worn on formal occasions. If you’re attending a black tie event, a classic gold or silver designed cufflink will make your appearance more polished and sophisticated. For white tie occasions, an elegant pair of mother-of-pearl cufflinks can already create a luxurious appeal. They are usually worn with double/French cuff shirts, which is a type of dress shirt that features extended cuffs that can be folded to create two layers.

Still, cufflinks can also be worn on less formal events with a button or barrel cuff shirt, which clothing type features a button fastening. So if you would like to wear cufflinks with your office outfits, you can choose from a variety of atypical styles, interesting designs, and diverse colours that can perk up your usual business shirt.

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