Protecting Your Smartphone

Smartphones are basically a necessity these days. The vast majority of Americans now carry smartphones, and the numbers are particularly high among younger generations. Without a smartphone, you’ll have a harder time getting ahead in your career and connecting with friends. So, naturally, you have one if you want to keep up.

It’s a big investment though. These things don’t come cheap, unfortunately, and that’s why you need to be careful about protecting your smartphone from the threats it faces every day. Even if you have invested in an extended warranty or protection plan, you’ll want to be smart about protecting your smartphone.

Armor up

Smartphones are expensive, you will find a whole lot of fancy products out there designed to protect them. Don’t even think about carrying around a phone that lacks a proper case and screen protector, and know that the cheap stuff doesn’t always cut it. If you’ve surrounded your phone with nothing more than hard, brittle plastic, then don’t be surprised if one drop frees your phone from its case and trashes your device.

Slim and stylish cases can be cool, but you’ll want to consider serious waterproof options, too. If you’re into outdoor activities, you should at least have a super-durable and waterproof case on hand for the wet and wild moments, even if you don’t use that option when you’re carrying your phone to the mall.

And if you drop your phone in the same case a few times, it may be time to swap cases. Tough cases can take a beating, but some can become less effective if they’ve already absorbed a few impacts. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Repair problems right away

Like most problems, issues with your smartphone aren’t going to get better on their own, and they’re likely to get worse. If you have a cracked screen (or even just a cracked screen protector), for instance, then you’re already dealing with something that’s been weakened. Don’t be surprised if the next time you drop your phone, a small crack turns into a disastrous spider’s web of shattered glass.

Thankfully, you’re just a quick Google search for “iPhone screen repair near me” away from a phone that looks brand new again. And, while you’re at the shop, please grab a new case and screen protector so that this doesn’t happen again.

Watch out for dangerous apps

The big companies that run the major app stores are supposed to check out the apps that they let in, but some of them are better than others. Sometimes, app developers lie. This means that the apps that you put on your phone can be dangerous. Moreover, any app with web-browsing capabilities could take you to a dangerous website that could allow malware to enter your smartphone.

That’s why it’s important to do your research. Even with the big apps, like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, check out the news stories and privacy settings before you decide to trust big tech with all of the data it can get from you. Especially if you are going to use it for all of those Facebook ads. It’s important not to just click “accept” on every site that asks you to. And, with smaller apps, read reviews and check out resources like Double Bubble Slots, which tracks casino sister sites and apps.If you want to gamble online, you’re going to have to use real money, so privacy is particularly important here.

With the proper research, you can figure out which sites and apps are endorsed or owned by the major casinos that you already know and trust, and that will make for a much safer experience.

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