Tips to Consider When Hiring a Stand-Up Comedian

Everybody loves a good laugh. There’s something special about laughter that cheers up even the gloomiest soul. So, if you’re hosting an event, one of the best ways to put on a show is to book a comedian to liven things up.     

If you’re familiar with stand-up, you would know that not all comedians are what you’d term as “clean-cut,” so to speak. That begs the question, how should you go about hiring someone to tickle your guests’ funny bone? Well, here are a few tips on how to hire a clean comedian.

Experience Matters  

Making people laugh takes a certain level of know-how, and hiring a comedian with a good repertoire is essential. A more experienced comedian knows how to read the crowd and deliver something funny without being offensive. So, look for a more seasoned stand-up comedian. 

Be Clear on Your Needs

When you are looking to hire a clean comedian, lay out what you hope from them. Let them know what type of jokes are within the bounds and what might not make for great content. That way, you eliminate any grey areas on what they should deliver on the D-day. 

Choose Someone Easy to Work With

When dealing with comedians, don’t forget that they’re as human as any other person out there. And people may prove difficult to work with, more so in a professional capacity. It’s vital to get a comedian who’s easy to work with and who’ll treat your guests with the utmost respect they deserve.

T.V. Comedians May Not Always Make Great Corporate Comedians

Maybe you’ve watched specific T.V. entertainers, and they had you laughing your socks off, and now that you have an event coming up, you figure why not hire them? But a comedian who’s funny on T.V. may not always deliver the same way when in front of a live corporate audience. Corporate comedians may not have all the glitz and glam of T.V. comedians, but they know how to deliver a good show in front of a crowd.

Get a Preview

To hire the right comedian, ask for a sneak peek of what he or she is going to deliver. You could meet up beforehand and ask them to delve into a few topics they plan on presenting without necessarily giving too many details and ruining the punchlines (you also want to enjoy the show after all!). If any subjects are off-putting, then you can work with the comedian to help streamline the content for the show.

Go Over Their Past Work

The internet is a beautiful place to find all sorts of resources you need, and that includes past clips of your comedian’s acts. Lots of stand-up comedians have some online presence, so make use of that and look into their previous work. Check out a couple of past videos to ensure that they’re the right fit for your audience. 

Book Early

Some of the best comics are in high demand and have tight schedules. So, if you want the best at your event, you have to make a booking in advance. That way, you’ll eliminate the last-minute rush and ensure your event’s entertainment is well taken care of. 

There you have it, a few tips on how to hire a comedian for your next get-together. Summit Comedy has years of experience in booking the best clean comedians and is the go-to company for all your event entertainment needs.

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