An Expat’s Paradise: 5 Reasons to Move to Singapore

Singapore is a young country, having gained its independence from the United Kingdom only about 60 years ago. Few nations have grown or developed as quickly, though, with today’s Singapore standing in many ways as a global leader.

That has made the island city-state at the end of the Malay Peninsula a magnet for would-be expatriates from all over the world. Each year, more people from elsewhere look into renting an apartment or obtaining a home loan in Singapore, and there are five particularly compelling reasons why.

1. Singapore is a Globally Connected Country

Every year, HSBC Expat issues rankings of the countries it considers the best worldwide for expatriates. Singapore has topped the list a number of times and has rarely dropped from the top few spots.

Although it has a lot more to offer, the single most striking thing about Singapore in the eyes of HSBC’s experts is how perfectly situated it is in today’s highly connected world. Although Singapore features plenty of its own distinct culture, it has been one of Asia’s most prolific melting pots for decades.

With so many international businesses maintaining major presences in Singapore, the country’s global flair does not end there. People from countries as far away as the United States and Brazil regularly report feeling right at home in Singapore.

2. Singapore Boasts Spectacular Childcare and Education Systems

Many ex-pats are young people looking to make the most of their freedom. However, there often comes a time when even committed ex-pats to feel like settling down, and Singapore is a great place to do so.

Singapore’s deep commitments to childcare and education have made it the favored exemplar of many experts worldwide. That makes the country a great place for ex-pats who are thinking about starting families of their own.

3. Singapore is Safe

Some countries attract ex-pats because of the wild adventures they seem to promise. Singapore, it must be said, is a bit buttoned-down, but that comes with plenty of benefits.

One of these is simply that Singapore is an extraordinarily safe place to live, work, and have fun. Expatriates from other places often comment on how much more relaxed they became after making the move.

4. Singapore is Exciting

Lest it is thought that a country with such an efficient criminal justice system might lack character, it should be said that Singapore is a truly vibrant place. Singaporeans of Chinese, Malay, and Indian descent make up the bulk of the population, and the influence of each of these cultures can be felt just about everywhere.

Singapore’s history of welcoming people from all over the world has also endowed it with plenty of other cultural bona fides. Few countries of any size can boast festival calendars, for instance, as impressive as the ones the five million residents of Singapore put together every year. With many world-class museums, theaters, and other attractions also keeping things lively, ex-pats never lack for things to do.

5. Singapore is a Culinary Superstar

While it might not be thought of as a primary reason for ex-pats to make the move, Singapore’s food scene always deserves mention. From simple fare served by hawkers to high-end restaurants, Singapore is a place where an unforgettable meal is never far off.

Many More Reasons So Many Expats Love Singapore

These are five of the reasons satisfied ex-pats most often cite for moving to and remaining in Singapore. There are plenty of other reasons worth considering, as any free spirit who looks into what Singapore has to offer will discover.

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