5 Myths about E-Cigarettes You Need to Clear Right Now

Whenever you talk about vaping and e-cigarettes, you hear different kinds of opinions from people. Most of these opinions are just what these people have heard from some other people and so on so forth. Most often, then not, they turn out to be myths.

These myths and not supported by facts claims have caused a lot of blurriness in the air. If you are one of those people who want to know the reality of these myths that you hear every other day, then this blog can help you to see things clearly and decide yourself. 

The Authorities do not regulate them 

People who oppose e-cigarettes and vaping usually run an argument that they don’t know what is in the vape juice because it is not regulated. Therefore, it should be banned. You’ll be surprised to know that the president of American Medical Association has run this argument.

The reality is pretty opposite to this myth. They are regulated by food and drug administration (FDA). They make sure that everything up to the standards from juice to vaporizers. Now that you know the reality of this myth, buy e cigarette vaporizer for yourself if you want. 

Vaping is Just as Harmful as Smoking 

A great number of Americans think that vaping is just as harmful as smoking, and it has equal health impacts. Above all, this myth has been reinforced by the actions of retailers like Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, and Kroger. 

The studies, however, suggest otherwise. It said, “aligned with the evidence of the less toxic effect of e-cig vapor compared with tobacco smoke.” Excessive use of anything is undeniably harmful, and theirs is no question in that, but equating its effects to tobacco and misguiding people is not a very wise thing to do either. 

It Causes ‘Popcorn lung.’

Popcorn lung is a rare disease in which irreversible airway obstruction occurs in the lungs. It results in the form of severe damage to the bronchioles. People conveniently link this disease to vaping. It is another myth that has no scientific evidence. Indeed, Inhaled diacetyl and other chemical flavorants may certainly pose respiratory risks to e-cigarette users, but to date, vaping has not been linked to popcorn lung.

Vaping Can Not Help You Quit Smoking 

There is no doubt that smoking should be discouraged at all levels. But spreading negative information is not going to help the cause. You’ll hear people saying that vaping can never help you quit smoking. This statement is also wrong at so many levels. The truth is that companies all around the world are still learning about the product features and behavioral factors that may contribute to successfully quitting with e-cigarettes. 

E-Cigarettes Are a Gateway to Smoking at Young Age 

Several longitudinal studies documented that the youth who uses e-cigarettes were more likely to try cigarettes. People who believe in these kinds of things also need to understand that some people are more likely than others to engage in risky behaviors. 

“If e-cigarettes are strongly associated with subsequent smoking among youth, we might expect to see an uptick in smoking at the national level. But despite a 78 percent increase in e-cigarette use among U.S. high school students between 2017 and 2018, there was no statistically significant increase in the high school smoking rate, which this year has dropped to a projected historic low of 5.8 percent.” (Washington Post) 

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