A Shining Example: 7 Tips for Polishing Your Credit Score

A healthy credit score helps people quality for lower interest rates on loans and top-tier credit opportunities. From a mortgage to car loans and credit cards, your credit score helps determine whether you are approved for these essential loans. Paying off smaller bills helps you improve your credit score. But, what happens if you fall short? Fortunately, there are ways to improve your credit score and get back on track. Discover seven smart tips for polishing your credit score and having a great financial future.

Establish a Bank Account

A bank account is a place to send and receive payments. Plus, if people take out small personal loans, the proceeds can be instantly deposited in the account. Sometimes, people with bad credit pay higher service fees and charges to have a bank account. As you rebuild your credit, revisit these costs and find a bank that offers the best possible deal. Local credit unions often work with people in the neighborhood who have poor credit. Paying off your bills is the first step toward improving your credit. Find out how to get a loan over at King of Kash to avoid paying costly late fees and penalties on a stack of bills.

Get a Credit Card

Credit cards help people rebuild their credit. With a wide variety of offers to consider, there is an option for everyone. People with bad credit may not qualify for a credit card, or the fees and service charges might be costly. The fees are worth paying because, once the account is opened and paid consistently on-time, your credit rating will start to climb. Secured credit cards are a viable option if you are not approved for a traditional one. The amount on the card is charged to your bank account, which is why it is important to open one. Select a card that will be reported to your credit report to improve your rating. Ask if the card will become unsecured after regular payments are made. Verify application fees and others costs that could make the card more expensive to use.

Get a Loan

Repaying installment loans on time will also boost your credit rating. Installment loans can be used to pay for anything, and paying them off on time shows you responsibly handle debt. Car loans and bank loans can give you a golden opportunity to show you can pay off a small loan. Make sure the loan is small and the payments are manageable so you have total control over making timely payments. If you get in over your head, you can wind up doing more harm than good.

Payoff Student Loans

Certain debts cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy proceeding, which means paying them off is inevitable. Face debts that won’t go away, and make a manageable payment plan. Student loans follow you throughout life, so make it a priority to pay them off every month. A late payment can lower your credit score. Tax debts also must be paid and cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. Make an arrangement for payment, and show you are responsible about paying off all your debts. Plus, the government can access your bank accounts for unpaid tax debts, which means paying everyone else late.

Be An Authorized User

Authorized users are able to use credit cards obtained by others. A partner, relative, or friend might allow you to be an authorized user on their credit card. The credit card holder needs to contact the credit card company to find out the process to add an authorized user to the account. The account will appear on your credit report, and your friend or family member’s good credit history will benefit you. Leveraging the credit of someone who pays his or her bills on time is a smart way to improve your own. Remember to pay on time and be honest in all dealings to avoid ruining your relationships and credit score.

Stay Away from Prepaid Cards

Prepaid credit and debit cards are tempting when you don’t instantly qualify for a bank account or credit card. Be tenacious, search online, and appeal to local banks and lenders instead of opting for a prepaid card. Usually, prepaid cards charge high interest rates and fees, making them difficult for people on a budget to maintain. As a result, you can pay up to double for purchases made on these cards. Another disadvantage is many of those cards do not appear on your credit report, so they don’t offer the benefit of helping you improve your credit score.

Be Smart About Finances

Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s foolish to make them more than once. Learn from your credit mistakes and take steps to behave more responsibly in the future. Learn how to handle your finances and be ahead of the curve rather than behind on payments. With planning and knowledge, you can improve your credit score and attain financial freedom. Here are a few ways to stay on track:

– Throw away credit applications that arrive in the mail or via email

– Never max out your credit cards

– Only have one or two credit cards to avoid carrying multiple balances that become impossible to juggle

– Charge just ten percent of your credit line at any time

– Pay off your credit card balances in full each month

– Never make late payments or miss payments

Your credit rating says a lot about your financial savvy. A bad credit rating can close the door to opportunities, including everything from obtaining loans to getting a great job. Improving your credit score is easy when you know the steps to take for success.

Start by opening a bank account, and look for ones with the lowest fees. Apply for a credit card and loan to get your credit back on track. Make all your payments on time, and never miss a payment. Avoid costly situations, such as prepaid cards, that offer little or no benefits. Take time to learn more about finances and handle your money responsibly for a better credit score and a bright financial future

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