Different Metals to Invest for Good Returns in 2022

Many people trade in gold but devalued currencies, and the current financial crisis has brought about a change in trend. The value of paper money is dwindling, while metals such as silver and gold are gaining importance. 

If you truly want to invest for good returns five years from now, then it’s time to switch to other kinds of metals from places like Indigo Precious Metals. When considering your alternatives, here are some of your options:


Silver should be your primary metal of choice. It has a comparatively low price and high liquidity, and it’s good for both long-term and short-term investments due to its cheapness. There are many silver investment products available in the market today. 

Due to its usefulness in various industries, you can expect an increase of up to 18 per cent of your investment’s value every year. That is more than what you would get from funds and deposits. Furthermore, silver is also known as the ‘poor man’s gold’, so if you want a piece of jewellery that won’t cost too much but still has a precious metal, you can go for silver. It’s also less expensive compared to gold and platinum.


For those willing to go for gold, you should invest now. While there’s no guarantee that it will rise in value by 30 per cent next year, experts predict an increase of about five to ten per cent every year. Gold prices have always been stable, and it is a common hedge against inflation. Again, if you’re going to buy a piece of jewel that costs more than usual but still has a precious metal inside, then gold should be your choice. 


Gold and silver will always be king during an economic recession, but there are times when platinum takes over the throne. In 1982, for instance, the price of platinum rose from $800 an ounce to a whopping $2,100. It is because it has properties almost similar to gold and silver except for one difference – it’s rarer. 

During the economic crisis, platinum prices tend to skyrocket, making it a good investment option, especially if you have the cash to invest in an ounce of this metal. You should find this metal online on reputable websites only.


Palladium is like the underdog in this group of metals. It has properties almost similar to gold and silver, but it’s not as expensive, making it more affordable for most people. The only problem with palladium is the supply. There’s not enough supply of this metal to meet demand, leading some people to invest their money in other metals such as silver and platinum.

Diversify Your Metal Portfolio

Gold may always be the king, but it’s better to have some backup just in case. Platinum and palladium are more stable than silver, but they are not as popular as gold, making it harder to find buyers when you want to sell your metals. 

Since silver is the least expensive of all five metals, you can expect the highest returns on your investment. It’s also easy to liquidate compared to the other metals, and you can even claim it back when you need money for emergency purposes. If you truly want to diversify your metal portfolio and earn good returns, then this is one of the best choices that you have.

But just like any other investment, you should not get too attached to your metals. Keep in mind that they are only pieces of metal and just a means to an end. They can lose or gain value very quickly, depending on the situation.


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