Baking Steel Makes for Killer Homemade Pizza


What started as a simple $3000 Kickstarter goal quickly grew to ten times that size when entrepreneur/pizza enthusiast Andris Lagsdin introduced the world to the baking steel. The baking steel works like a standard pizza stone but it gets much much hotter in your oven and the radiative properties of steel make for a much more even distribution of char on your pies. Now I am what you could call a pizza connoisseur and I have been making my own homemade pizza for the past couple years. I love pizza but I am spoiled and I just can’t make a Digiorno anymore. I had heard the hype about the baking steel a couple months back but I ignored it I mean how much of a difference could it really make? The truth is using the baking steel is the closest you will get to a Neapolitan pizza short of building a brick oven in your back yard. The best part about the baking steel is that it only takes a couple minutes to cook your pizza to perfection. With other methods you have to broil the top of the pizza then transfer it to a skillet to get that sexy char that you see at those artisan pizza shops. If you are ever trying to entertain some guests at your pad nothing is more impressive or fun than having a plethora of homemade pizza for your friends to nibble on while you drink and cavort.  Some really easy recipes for pizza dough can be found after doing a simple Google search but if you want don’t feel like slaving away in the kitchen all day Trader Joes has a great pizza dough on the cheap. I love pizza; I love cooking pizza with my friends; I love the the baking steel.


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