Check This Out: Car Runs on Air

So, there’s been a lot of controversy lately about Tesla motors and electric cars in general: that they’re unreliable, not powerful, and basically a fad to some. I have a family member who has a Nissan Leaf, and while it can be burdensome to charge and annoying if you’re planning on driving long distances, I actually think it’s pretty great, despite the haters (ahem, Top Gear). Well, as speculators predict the end of oil, engineers have been scrambling to piece together a truly sustainable and efficient car that could replace all of the models we’re seeing on the roads today. The thought behind this air-powered car is to use one of the most abundant resources in the world to get us from point A to point B.

This vehicle is still considered a concept car, although Peugeot plans to start making these cars available for purchase come 2016.  How a car runs on air is kind of a mystery to those who aren’t as technologically savvy, but we can say that it has something to do with air compression and in some cases, a mixture of gasoline when the car achieves a certain speed. The concept of regenerative braking is what makes this outshine competitors like the Prius, by refilling the compressed air each time the driver hits the brakes, energy that usually dissipates.


Dubbed as the “Hybrid Air”, this car is expected to get 117 miles per gallon by 2020 and will cost around $15,000. WHERE DO I SIGN UP?

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