How To Replace Tail Lights in a Jeep Wrangler

A broken or burn-out tail light can be dangerous. Keep your Jeep Wrangler driving safely by restoring your tail lights. Use a free VIN lookup to be sure you find the correct tail light assembly or light bulb and prepare for this simple DIY repair project.

Prepare Your Project

Before you begin, it’s essential to gather the necessary parts and tools and prepare your work area. Here’s a few items you may need to replace your Jeep Wrangler tail light:

  • Phillips number two screwdriver
  • Work gloves
  • Lightbulb
  • Tail light assembly

Tail light parts come in a range of sizes and styles, so be sure you have the correct components you need before you begin. Park your Jeep on a flat, dry spot and be sure you have ample light to work on the tail lights. Double-check which tail light isn’t working or is malfunctioning, then turn your vehicle off to begin the replacement project.

Remove the Tail Light Assembly

Use your Phillips screwdriver to remove the two inner screws from your tail light assembly. Be careful not to lose these screws, as you may need them to install the new assembly or replace your old assembly.

Hold the edges of the assembly and carefully pull it away from your Jeep. You should have several inches of extra wiring to pull it out, but don’t pull too far or you could damage the wiring. Find the lightbulb that needs to be replaced and twist the back counterclockwise to loosen and remove it.

Disconnect the Electrical Connector

When your lightbulb and connect are removed from the tail light assembly, pinch the clip and remove the lightbulb. Be cautious not to damage the lightbulb as you remove it from the connector.

Take a moment to inspect the wiring and the tail light assembly. If the housing is damaged or a wire appears to be corroded or broken, you’ll need to replace these parts before your new lightbulb can operate correctly.

Remove and Replace the Lightbulb

Safely dispose of your old lightbulb and replace it with a new one. Use your work gloves to handle lightbulbs. The old bulb may be hot from recent use, and the new bulb can be damaged by the natural oils from your hands.

Replace Your Tail Light and Check Your Work

Once the new lightbulb is attached to the connect, carefully insert it into the tail light assembly and turn it clockwise until it’s secure. Align the assembly back in place and use two screws to install it.

All that’s left is to check your work. Turn your Jeep Wrangler on and have someone inspect your tail lights for proper functionality. If a new bulb doesn’t light up, it could be a sign of an electrical issue.For more information about how to change tail light bulb and where to purchase an affordable replacement bulb, contact your favorite auto parts store or stop by a local store to discuss your DIY repair project with an experienced customer service agent. Restore the safety of your Jeep Wrangler and enjoy long-lasting tail light functionality with a premier replacement bulb.

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