Before Baby: How to Prepare for a Major Life Change Pt. I

Young pregnant couple

We’re pregnant! Whether this comes as a complete shock, or it’s going to happen soon, babies can bring a whole barrage of emotions.

Work on the RelationshipYoung pregnant couple

Are you happy with your partner and vice versa? If you’re planning on staying together with him or her, make sure you’re ready to go in for the long haul with them.

Perhaps now might be the best time to start couples counseling, especially if there is any doubt, resentment, past actions or issues to work on. Do you or your partner have a history of infidelity? It’s best to make sure that the baby has been given a DNA paternity test upon birth to ensure that the baby IS yours.

Throughout the nine or so months that your partner is pregnant, make an extra effort to show how much you care. If it means going out to buy pickles and ice cream at 10pm, just do it. Even just helping them through morning sickness is going to bring you two closer together. Be the couple you’ve always wanted to be, starting now.

Soak in the quiet time

Get it while it’s still here. For a while, moments of peace and restfulness may be hard to come by with baby in the picture. Getting some productivity in the mix wouldn’t hurt either: set up the baby’s room, read some books for dads, baby-proof the home, and work on wrapping up any of your passion projects. Once the baby comes he or she will require constant attention which means sleepless nights, less freedom, less peace and definitely less quiet time.

If you have friends that are still childless, make sure to explain that you’ll be slightly off the radar for a while. Anyone who has a kid knows the story, so they won’t be offended if you suddenly are too tired to hang out or skip a concert.




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