The Future Is Here


Technology is an ever evolving industry in our world today and the possibilities seem to be endless. One of the biggest advances in technology recently has been the advent and implementation of 3D printing. 3D printing has an endless number of uses ranging from making basic toys, all the way to now building cars. Yes, you heard it here first, Local Motors unveiled their new 3D printed “Strati” electric car back in September at the International Manufacturing Technology Show.

The new two-seater was created in just 44 hours using 3D printing technologies which also reduced the number of parts needed for a car from around 25,000 to a ludicrous 49 parts. There are obviously a few parts such as the engine, suspension and tires that are not printable but for the most part the car is created using just a 3D printer.

The company is using a “carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic” which strength wise can be compared to midgrade aluminum already being used in cars today. As the process is refined, the company believes they will be able to implement different types of materials into the process to create a more comfortable driving experience and added safety measures. They also believe they will be able to start sellinstrati3g the car for
around $20,000 but state that the price will drop as manufacturing increases.

The Strati is set to be released and on the roads of America in the next 12 months, bringing on the new age of auto manufacturing. The goal of Local Motors is be able to have a localized manufacturing plant for many large cities so that different regions can create cars that have their environment in mind, whether it be a very hot city in the desert or one that gets below freezing temperatures regularly throughout the winter.

Based on the advancement of 3D printing in the auto manufacturing world, it will be very interesting to see what other technologies people are able to create or improve upon in the coming years. Welcome to the future!


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