Is hair loss a confidence killer for young men?


As men become older, the loss of hair not only becomes expected but in most cases it is accepted. In fact, research from leading hair transplant clinic; Crown Clinic have found that just 1 in 10 men over the age 55 in the UK are likely to consider a hair transplant.  One theory behind the statistic is that older men may be led to believe they are not eligible for a hair transplant, however, this is simply not true, and men over 50 often receive excellent results.

So, when is the right time for a hair transplant

Male pattern baldness can occur at any time from adolescence. Many young men these days decide to seek treatment early to avoid all types of hair loss, and 39% of them are likely to consider a hair transplant if they have a receding hairline. 

Older men, on the other hand, seem to accept that hair loss is merely a way of life, and therefore disregard hair treatment. However, with all the technology in the world today, accepting hair loss can be a thing of the past. 

When hair loss starts late in life, or a drastic lifestyle change occurs, hair restoration can be the best option, sometimes it is a necessity. For instance, at this age, it is not uncommon that a youthful appearance could be advantageous in someone’s career.

For men over 50

For men over the age of 50 seeking hair restoration for the first time; there are many points to consider and discuss with a hair restoration specialist. This could include:

  • A hair transplantation of men this age will probably produce age appropriate results, meaning they shouldn’t expect the full hair style of a 25-year-old, but instead improve the appearance baldness
  • The number of donor grafts is also another important factor for men over 50 when deciding what is an achievable goal. For an older man, a first- time hair transplant may be their only chance of hair restoration if hair loss continues to diminish the patient’s supply of donor hair
  • One of the main goals for a man of this age is to achieve restoration of a frontal hairline, as well as strategic placement of grafts behind the hairline in order to achieve a fuller head of hair

Success Rates

One of the great things about hair transplants at an older age is that the hair patterns have already been established, whereas a younger man’s hair pattern is still unpredictable – which could mean repeat ‘top ups’ for younger men as hair loss continues into later life. 

The Goals

Whether or not an older man’s hair goals are achievable should be discussed after the hair specialist has examined the scalp. For instance, an older man with a significant amount of hair loss, may only be able to achieve certain results. All hair transplant consultations should be undertaken on a case by case basis. 

The amount and quality of the donor’s hair, the anticipation of future hair loss and the degree of current hair loss are all things you should discuss with a hair restoration specialist for achievable goals.

This infographic from FUE Hair Transplant Experts Crown Clinic explains the link between hair loss and confidence in men in more detail:

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