Mind Your Vaping Manners! A Guide to E-Cigarettiquette

There’s no denying it: whipping out your e-cigarette whenever you feel like it could be a major faux pas. Just because it’s not a traditional cigarette and stuffed with toxic tobacco doesn’t mean you can vape away in whatever situation you happen to find yourself in.

So, to make sure you vape in peace and don’t cause any trouble to those around you, here’s a handy ‘e-cigarettiquette’ rundown of what you need to know. Stick to these solid pieces of vaping wisdom and you’ll never have an e-cigarette dilemma, no matter where you go.

Common Sense

E-cigarettes and other vape products are still relatively new and not everyone knows what they are. That glowing red tip on your e-cig might easily be mistaken for burning a tobacco cigarette and send people running, fearful they might inhale harmful secondhand smoke. If those around you don’t suddenly disappear, they might approach you directly and ask you to stub out.

Trying to explain that it’s a practically harmless e-cigarette won’t likely do much to calm tempers, because they may not understand exactly what it is. So, use your head and when in company or around people you don’t know, always ask before you vape — and assume no-one knows what vape products are.

Laws and Regs

There are laws and regulations concerning the use of vape gear in many states, and you could land in real trouble if you vaped while unaware of them. In California, for example, it’s forbidden to vape in many public areas, including at work and in bars and restaurants, but it is allowed to vape in places where smoking is permitted. So, using this as our e-cigarettiquette guide and to steer clear of the law and continue vaping, don’t use your vape gear in places where you would not smoke. That includes at the dinner table, the movies and on public transportation.

Mind the Kids

Just because vaping is a far healthier alternative to smoking, doesn’t mean you should encourage children to take up the habit. Vape gear, after all, usually (though not always) contains nicotine in e-liquid refills. Nicotine, while generally harmless, is still an addictive substance. Kids pick up on the habits of adults around them, so try not to vape when they’re near. This is all the more important now that a “Juuling craze” is sweeping the nation, as teens use flash drive-like e-cigs to vape at school and elsewhere.

Flying High

If you’re planning to fly and take your vape gear along with you, you won’t be permitted to pack it in your check-in luggage. This is to prevent any issues with the batteries or other components of vape gear while in the air. You can bring your e-cigarettes and e-liquids with you, but only on your person or in your carry-on baggage. Additional restrictions may apply depending on the airline, so check in advance.

And no, you can’t vape on the plane. You may, however, be permitted to vape at selected locations at various airports around the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Sharing Is Not Caring

Want to try your pal’s exciting-looking e-juice? It’s probably not a good idea to ask to use their e-cigarette so you can get a sample of the taste. That’s a bit like asking to take a swig of someone’s drink. They may allow you to do so, but may also feel uncomfortable at sharing their glass — and who knows what germs may be lurking there anyway? It’s better to buy yourself that e-liquid flavor and try it in your own vaping device. They’re easy to get hold of, at a good online vape store and are remarkably cheap.

A little consideration and common sense, as well as an awareness of the law, will go a long way to ensuring a great vaping experience, every time.

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