The Perfect Office Chair

Your work space should reflect your style in some way. We came across this great infographic from Furniture At Work & it got us thinking about the perfect office chair. Since you spend a lot of time at your desk, you can add a touch of your personality with the right office chair.

Leather chair

Leather is always trendy and in style. There is just something about leather that represents strength and is a great way for you to make a statement. Leather chairs go great with chromes and metals, adding a modern and dominating look.

Bold color chair

A great way to add flare to your office is with a bold and bright color desk chair. Vibrant colors tend to represent assertiveness, directness and can be intense. Show you like to be the center of attention with a bright blue, green, pink, red or orange desk chair.

Red leather chair

Combine a bold color with leather for the perfect statement piece. A red leather desk chair will show that you are daring, like to take charge and is a simple way to really show off your personality. Plus, red is a great color to have fun with when it comes to decorating.

Black and white stripes chair

Black and white stripes are a universal look that is classy and professional. A black and white stripes chair shows that you are driven and will fit well with your poised appearance. This is also an elegant way to add a classic look while still adding a touch of your own personality.

Neutral color chair

If you are looking for a more soft look, a neutral or crème color desk chair is right up your alley. It is a sophisticated yet casual statement that always looks great in an office. Plus, it is a tasteful way to add a special touch to your office without drawing in too much attention.

For more chair styles to match your personality, check out the inforgraphic below.


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