Australia: Everything You Need to Know About Visas

If you want to travel to Australia and stay there, a visa is absolutely necessary. It doesn’t matter whether the person arrives as a student, businessman or tourist. Tourists and citizens from the EU can easily apply for an electronic visa called eta or evisitor. For the application it is necessary that the trip is still valid for at least six months, otherwise the application will be rejected. The Eta visa also allows you to study for a short period of time in Australia, for example if you take certain courses or modules for a short period of time. An electronic visa can be applied for online via the website without having to visit the Australian embassy in your home country.

For whom an ETA or eVisitor visa is worthwhile

The electronic visas are particularly suitable for tourists who visit the country and want to get to know it over a period of time. However, students who are well suited for the visa are also part of the public. However, if you want to live and study in Australia for a longer period of time, you need a special visa for students. An ETA or eVisitor visa is only suitable for young people who attend individual courses and want to get a taste of the subjects. For complete study courses the visas are rather unsuitable, since the period for the stay is too short. In total, the electronic visa is valid for one year, whereby the stay is limited to 90 days. The period of 90 days can then be freely divided within the year of validity. This means that the trip does not have to be started immediately, but there is enough time for the preparation of the stay. However, after the one year period the visa becomes invalid and you have to apply for a new visa. Tourists can also use the electronic visa to visit good relatives or friends in Australia. The visa is also suitable for short visits to family celebrations such as Christmas or birthdays.

What requirements must the applicant meet?

If you want to obtain an ETA or eVisitor visa, you have to fulfill some requirements in order for the application to be successful. On the one hand, the citizenship of the applicant is important. Basically, people from all countries of the EU, Switzerland and the USA can apply for a visa. All countries are summarized on this page so that you get a good overview of all admission countries. For people who want to work in Australia, the visa is completely unsuitable. Here, the applicant must apply for a special work visa with which he is allowed to work in Australia. It is also forbidden to take up work in Australia without a work visa. In addition, you must not be recognized as a candidate for a visa if you have tuberculosis. Even people with a criminal record are not allowed to enter the country. The previous conviction must not have lasted longer than 12 months. Minor offenses therefore do not legally stand in the way of entry. The visa also does not replace insurance. Therefore, a health insurance for travelers abroad must be taken out in good time. If you want to visit trade fairs and make business contacts without working, you should use the Business Eta Visa. It can also be used to attend conferences in Australia.

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