Effective Tips to Increase the Value of Your House in Meridian, Idaho

With real estate prices on an upward swing in Meridian, Idaho, now is the right time to capitalize on your home’s value if you are thinking of putting it on the market. Whether it’s a new house or one where you have spent quite a few years, you would definitely want to get maximum return on your investment, right? One easy way to maximize your return is to give your home a facelift before listing it for sale. Here are a few effective tips to increase the value of your house in the real estate market of Meridian.

Begin with the exterior

As they say, the first impression is the last impression. The first thing that a buyer notices about your property is the exterior look. If that is not appealing enough, you lose your points right at the start. To make sure that nothing of this sort happens to you, take care to spruce up the exterior of your home diligently. Make sure to cut the grass, trim the bushes, and make the landscape as appealing as possible. Try to add a few potted plants as a low-budget quick fix to enhance the external look of your property.

Go for a fresh coat of interior paint

A fresh coat of paint on the interior walls can go a long way in enhancing your property’s look. It is an easy approach to do up the walls and provide the house a new look. One thing that you need to remember in this aspect is that paints with neutral tones are the best choice when you are painting your home with the intention to attract buyers and sell the property.

This is because neutral tones on the walls seem to appeal to most buyers as compared to dark or flashy wall colors. Another reason is that neutral tones create an illusion of a bigger space. This tip is quite effective for homes with a space crunch or a small carpet area.

Pay attention to the bathrooms and the kitchen area

Kitchen and bathrooms are the two areas that can play a big role in increasing your home’s value. Since both these spaces are regularly used in a home, they tend to bear the brunt of wear and tear the most. That is why it is a good idea to start your internal home improvement project in these two areas.

Pay attention to not just the beauty of these spaces but to the plumbing and the accessories as well. The team at Stewart Realty explains that the current real estate market has been on an upswing for a few years now, even surpassing some levels from 2007. If you can make the correct moves, there’s no reason why the buyers won’t get attracted to purchase your home.

Work on the lighting aspect

Lighting can make or break your property deal. Yes, it’s that important! A bright home holds much more appeal than one that is dimly lit. So, make an effort to change the interior lighting fixtures and bulbs. Also, allow the natural light to flow in as much as possible. If sunlight doesn’t flow in much inside your home, use mirrors to maximize the effect. The best part about this idea is that mirrors not only reflect the light and make any area look brighter, it also creates an illusion of a much bigger space than what is in reality.

Do away with the clutter

A house full of clutter is a recipe for disaster as far as attracting buyers is concerned. When a buyer walks into your home, he or she must be able to get an open view of the space. At the same time, it should appeal to them and enable them to visualize themselves living there in the near future. This can never be possible if the area is cluttered with unnecessary items. If you are serious about selling your property, you will have to take out time and remove clutter from your home.

Many homeowners think that investing in these areas before selling your property is not worth the effort or the money. But the fact is that it is an easy way for you to not just increase the value of your property but to attract customers and sell it quickly as well. Even if you are thinking of selling your property in the future, make a note of these points and apply them at the right time.


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