These Aren’t Your Dad’s Hobbies

If you’re thinking of taking up a new pastime, it can be difficult to decide which one to try. There are lots of exciting hobbies out there which involve using your hands, but some of them have a reputation of being a “dad’s hobby!”

However, you should look beyond the reputation of these pastimes and actually look at what they have to offer. Even the most boring “dad hobbies” can actually be exciting and engaging if you take a new and modern approach to them.

Hobbies are vital for our mental health and well-being. Leisure time is very important to all of us to get some relaxing down time and to develop a wider range of skills and interests. With that in mind, here are some great ideas for fun leisure pursuits which are definitely not your dad’s hobbies!

Learning To Play The Guitar

If you were used to your dad strumming his old acoustic and singing along to folk songs, it’s time to put that image out of your mind! You don’t even need to learn the acoustic guitar – why not go straight for an electric instrument and channel your inner Slash from Guns n Roses! You can pick up a second hand guitar for an affordable price and there are plenty of online tutorials to help you learn the basics. You’ll soon be making beautiful music!


If your dad was always in his workshop smoothing down pieces of wood to make chair legs, you might be forgiven for thinking that woodwork is something that only old men are interested in. However, woodworking is actually an exciting and creative hobby for anyone to pursue. Yes, you could make chair legs – but think of all the other things you could make too. Decorative items for your home, gifts for your friends, and yes, perhaps a useful bookcase or two! Woodworking teaches you invaluable skills and lets you produce something tangible which you can admire forever. As long as you have sufficient space in your garage, shed or workshop for every must-have tool for your new pastime, you can get started straight away! What’s not to enjoy?


Another hobby which seems to be forever associated with old guys is gardening. If you think about a stereotypical gardener, it’ll be an old man with a sun hat, digging in his front yard and tending his shrubbery! However, modern gardening doesn’t need to be boring. Vegetable cultivation is hot right now with our more sustainable way of living. You can grow your own healthy and organic fruit and vegetables right in your own back yard. Even if you don’t have an outdoor space, you can grow your own herbs in a pot on your windowsill. There’s something very satisfying about eating your own produce!


If woodwork isn’t for you, you might want to give metalwork a try instead. Many people have tried metalwork in school, but it’s something that you can enjoy even more in the comfort of your own garage or workshop. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to produce all kinds of decorative and useful items from headboards to plant holders and garden archways to sculptures! If you’re planning on taking up metalworking, you need to make sure that you’re aware of all the safety issues and that you have the right equipment and safety gear you need in order to get started. If you’re brand new to metalwork, you should attend a few classes so you can learn the basics before you get going.


Did your dad have a thing about packing everyone into the car at the weekend and driving to some remote campsite in the middle of nowhere. Did he force you to put up a complicated tent that seemed to take all day and to cook over a smoldering campfire? If so, you might have been put off camping for life! However, modern camping is nothing like that. You can buy pop up tents that take seconds to put up, camping stoves with multiple burners and grills and inflatable mattresses to keep you comfortable all night long. Try it as your new hobby – you might be surprised by how much you enjoy it.

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