Kitchen Model Renovation Tips

If you’re renovating your kitchen, there’s a lot to think about before you get started. Here is a home remodeling & renovation guide, which will make sure that you’ll get exactly what you want to achieve out of the project.

1.Make Money From Your Renovation

While your primary purpose of renovating your kitchen will no doubt be to get a more comfortable and practical room to work in, however you need to think about how you can get the most value from your kitchen makeover. You can actually recoup the price you spend on renovating your kitchen if you plan wisely – kitchens are the first thing that potential buyers look for when purchasing a new home, so the better quality your kitchen, the more valuable your property will become!

Here are some options you can consider adding to your kitchen to maximize your home’s value without breaking the bank:

  • Add a second sink
  • Add panelled cabinet ends
  • Add soft-closing drawer glides

2.Saving On Cabinets

Cabinets are one area on which you can save big when renovating your kitchen. You can still get a great look without spending too much. Here are some ways you can make a saving:

  • Avoid custom organizers – you can use utensil dividers and spice racks sold aftermarket which are much cheaper
  • Avoid using custom configurations – fill any awkward spaces with appliance panels, cubby units and wine organizers bought separately

3.Choosing Lighting

There are lots of lighting options when you’re renovating your kitchen. Under cabinet lighting is a great addition to your home and is affordable. Choose a low voltage strip for best value and optimal lighting when working on your countertops.

4.Choosing A Sink And Faucet

There are lots of sinks and faucets to choose from. However, the key is getting the right one which is ideal for your kitchen. A gooseneck faucet which has a pull-down sprayer is a versatile choice which works well in both a traditional style or contemporary kitchen, and since it comes in all kinds of designs and finishes and at several price points, there’s sure to be one that suits you. If you’re opting for a single basin, width is important, but avoid going deeper than 10” or it’ll be just too deep. Choose a flat bottomed basin for the greatest convenience.

5.Choosing A Countertop

Granite countertops have been fashionable for some time, however there are better and more affordable options out there if you don’t want to spend too much on your kitchen but still want a stylish and modern look. Engineered stone is low maintenance but just as beautiful as granite. It also comes in many unusual colors for a really striking kitchen feature.

6.Choosing A Floor

Flooring is very important when it comes to getting the right finish for your new kitchen. Hardwood floors are often a good choice if you’re opting for a rustic look, however they are high maintenance and quite expensive to install. You may want to consider laminate flooring instead which looks just as good but which is lower maintenance and much more affordable.

Renovating In Stages

If you want to renovate your kitchen but can’t afford to do the whole thing in a single session, never compromise. Instead, renovate in stages. If you have limited funds, first work on the layout of your space, adding any islands, opening up the floor plan and improving the floor of your kitchen. Next put in all the infrastructure that you need for your perfect kitchen. Add in the plumbing and electricals that you require as well as the new countertops and cabinets. Once you can afford to add more, it’s time to add new appliances, change the light fixtures and add a new backsplash. Your kitchen will stay looking fantastic and you’ll be able to profit from your renovation in the future when you decide to sell on your property.

Although a kitchen renovation isn’t something to undertake lightly, it’s definitely worth it. You’ll have a much more practical and functional kitchen and you’ll also be living in style. The kitchen is the heart of your home, so don’t scrimp on it – it’s time to splash out and get the kitchen you’ve dreamed of!

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