Degrees to Pursue for Careers in Gaming

Video games are among the most popular forms of entertainment because of how they can make us feel more involved in what is happening compared to TV and film. Some of us are such big fans of gaming that we’ve been inspired to create our own works of art. Before you do that, you’ll need to obtain the right education.

You’ll be happy to know that there are a variety of programs that you can get involved in that allow you to develop the skills needed to create the next fighting, FPS and horror titles. Here are some degrees you should pursue if you want a career in gaming.

Computer Science

The gameplay that we see in today’s biggest franchises wouldn’t be possible without the professionals behind the more technical aspects of gaming. One degree that can help you obtain the skills needed in this field is computer science, which is more suited for people with backgrounds in computers, programming and engineering. You will need to take classes in math and science, as well as learn how different codes work for different games.

Be sure that whatever school you’re attending has accredited online and continuing education degree programs that give you access to these areas. This option involves with other professionals behind the production aspect of games, which can be useful for learning how to work on different games so that you don’t get stuck in one genre.

Interactive Media Design/Game Art

Giving characters, actions, locations and scenes the right look goes a long way into adding to the realism of games. That’s where programs such as interactive media design come in handy, as this will allow you to show off your more artistic capabilities. You’ll need to work on the shading, lighting and animation that allows objects to move and be affected by others’ actions.

Despite the skills you may already have in design, these classes will help you reach the professional level. Understanding the game mechanics will involve working on a long list of prototypes before you reach the final version of your work. The more tools you have access to, the better graphics you’ll be able to create and expand upon once you graduate.

Software Engineering

Another degree that involves the technical part of creating video games is software engineering, and it involves more than just getting the characters to act the right way in different scenarios and the land around them being affected accurately. This option requires understanding how different software and databases interact and operate on their own so that the effects appear up to date with today’s standards.

Those who go with this degree will also need to learn how artificial intelligence works. Some franchises are big enough to have movies and films that spin off from the main story in the game, so if you develop your skills enough, you can dedicate your work towards these other projects, which opens up more opportunities to make money.

Game Design

If you want to work on more than how the characters and settings in a game look and move, then we recommend getting a degree in game design. With this program, you’ll be involved in the writing process, which provides the opportunity to create unique scripts and work on your creative skills. Music is also a major player in how a game works, as it sets the mood for missions of different difficulty levels.

The goal with this degree is to understand the psychology of gamers so that you know what makes them intrigued. The writing should translate through dialogue that makes the conversations natural and something like what the gamer would say to a friend, and the music should amp the player up so that they work harder to achieve the missions.


One of the reasons for the popularity of certain games is the way the commercials present the scenes and gameplay, as well as how the companies behind them promote the titles to customers. One degree that is very useful in this area is marketing, which gives you the communicative and business skills to pitch games of every type to studios so that they get made.

The skills required for this option involve communication and being able to talk in front of crowds of different sizes. Taking time to play the games and talk with the creators over what works and what needs improvements will allow you to develop relationships and know what to say to get people to buy the games.

Consider these degrees so that you can help create the next big names in gaming.

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