In the Event of Collision: What Is the Concept of Crashworthiness?

Crashworthiness is not a buzzword that car manufacturers made up. Car accidents are usually beyond the control of the driver. When two cars are set to collide, good driving has nothing to do with the actual damage. Crashworthiness is the industry standard way to measure a vehicles effectiveness in a crash.

Fact Or Fiction?

A bigger car doesn’t automatically have a higher crashworthiness rating. The myth that has gone around for years is that smaller cars are not rated high for crashworthiness. This is simply not true, as size is only one of many factors when deciding this information. The more data that comes with the report, then the more likely it will be that the information is accurate. This brings up another point about crashworthiness; a high rating is dependent on the amount of data collected. A car with a high crashworthiness rating (but a limited amount of tests) is met with skepticism. Old myths made it seem like these cars were less reliable due to the limited amount of tests.

It’s All In The Design

Solid structural design and restraints make up the bulk of a vehicle’s crashworthiness. When a car is built with safety in mind, there is a higher survival rate for the driver. The skill level of the driver won’t have an impact on crashworthiness, but they can help with the final outcome of the crash. Defensive driving courses are the perfect component to go with a car that has high crashworthiness. In the event that driver skills are not part of the final outcome, having a powerful design will ensure the safety of the passengers. Accident attorneys can help by offering guidance after a wreck, and ensuring that clients are educated about their situation. Getting an attorney is one of the many choices a driver has to make after getting into an accident.

Good Crashworthiness Saves Lives

Awards are given out for crashworthiness each year by IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). These awards are one of many that crown the safest vehicles of the year. Becoming a Top Safety Pick for the year makes the vehicle suitable for business and personal use. For a small family that wants a minivan, the Top Safety Pick in that category will hold a lot more buying power. Drivers can only do so much to prevent an accident, and even then, there are no guarantees. Crashworthiness gives drivers peace of mind by putting them in a car that is tested for multiple types of impact.

Wrap up

Having high crashworthiness should be a top priority when judging the usefulness of a vehicle. There are a lot of things to consider when getting a car, but this is the most vital piece. It is also something that insurance will look at when judging a driver. Stay ahead of the curve by ranking your car choices effectively. Crashworthiness is much more than numbers, and the lives it has saved is proof.

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