In the Market for a New Car? Read These 5 Arguments Why a Pre-owned Vehicle Might Suit You Better

Deciding to buy a new car is not a decision that should be made lightly. In fact, many buyers find it advantageous to consider buying a pre-owned vehicle before they even begin looking at new models. There are some compelling arguments for buying pre-owned over new. Knowing why a pre-owned car may be the better choice will help buyers make the right decision.

Considering the Options Is Important

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle. Weighing the options is important for being able to make the best decision. Buyers who are interested in learning more about their options can discover more at Earnhardt Lexus.

5 Arguments Why a Pre-owned Vehicle May Be Best

There are many arguments that can be launched regarding the advantages of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle over a new one. Consider the following before you go out and purchase a new car.

1. New vehicle values begin to depreciate rapidly. Even though vehicles are lasting longer than ever before, this does not mean their values are staying the same. Vehicle owners can expect their new car’s value to go down by as much as 50% in the first three years.

2. Because vehicles depreciate so rapidly, buyers can take advantage of the savings and get a lot more vehicle for their money when they buy a used model. If you purchase a new vehicle, you may only be able to afford the basic package. With a used vehicle purchase, you can take that same amount and get a vehicle with a lot more features.

3. Although many people purchase a new vehicle because they want a warranty to protect their purchase, most pre-owned vehicles now come with a warranty as well. Purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle gives you the protection and peace of mind you need.

4. There is often a lot more variety when it comes to pre-owned vehicles versus new ones. Only so many models are released each year-;typically around 150. With pre-owned vehicles, there will be a lot more variety to choose from because the selection is from varying years.

5. The value of the car you drive has a direct effect on the cost of your insurance coverage. Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle can save you money on insurance costs, which is another reason many buyers are opting for the less-expensive option.

Shop Around for Savings

It is important you take time to research your options and find out what is available. The more you know about the pre-owned vehicles in your area the better equipped you will be to make the best choice. Never rush the process, and make sure to shop around to see which dealership is offering the best deals. Do not be afraid to haggle to get the best deal when making your purchase.


Now that you have heard the arguments for purchasing a pre-owned vehicle over a new one, make sure to take time and research. Know what you are looking for in a vehicle, and make sure you are prepared for financing or paying in cash. Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle gives you many more options.

Being prepared to make a purchase and taking the time to research the options will help to ensure you purchase a pre-owned vehicle that will offer you many years of reliable performance.

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