Easy DIY Home Makeover Tips to Revamp Your Home Décor

Perhaps you are just bored with your existing home décor. Or maybe your home décor has started to appear hideous and ugly.

In all these circumstances, you may be tempted to buy some new home décor. But fret not – there are unique ways in which you can revamp your existing home décor.  By renovating your existing décor, your house will look more beautiful and attractive. Here are ten easy DIY home makeover tips to revamp your home décor;

Take Your Carpets to be Professionally Cleaned

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If your rugs seem to be unattractive, you can take them for professional cleaning. When you vacuum clean your carpets, you only remove dust and dirt. However, if you take your carpets for professional cleaning, they will be free from dirt, dust, grime, and allergens.

After professionals have serviced your carpets, they will automatically look polished, new and elegant. So, instead of buying new rugs, you should take them to a professional cleaning service instead.

Arrange your Bookshelf Stylishly

As asserted by Woman’s Day, a disorganized bookshelf can make your house to look messy and untidy. Therefore, you should arrange your bookshelf stylishly to make your home more beautiful.

You should arrange your books in a specific manner. For instance; your large hardcover books should be put at the bottom followed by the small hardcover books. In between the hardcover books, you should place your other normal books which will serve as bookends.

Also, make sure that you leave some space in between your books so that your shelf does not look cluttered. Moreover, you can use flowers to decorate the topmost part of your bookshelf.

De-electrify Some of the Rooms in your Home

You don’t have to use electricity as a source of light in all the rooms in your house. You should only use electric lighting in places where maximum brightness is required; such as the kitchen, dining room and the kids’ bedrooms.

In other rooms such as the living room and your bedroom, you can use candles instead of electric lighting. You can place these candles in your sconces, sideboards, and even in your chandeliers.

Install Advanced Home Surveillance Cameras

To make your home more secure, you should install advanced home surveillance cameras. These cameras can be placed in both the indoor and outdoor areas of your home.

Advanced home surveillance cameras will make your home décor to look sleek and elegant. What’s more – with the help of these cameras, you can detect any intruder advancing into your home.

Besides installing advanced home surveillance cameras, you should also to consider to purchase an affordable home security system. A security system will do all the donkey work for you in safeguarding your home. You can have a look at some of the affordable security systems at https://porch.com/best-home-security-system.

Go Natural

Make your house to be more eco-friendly and more attractive by decorating your homewares with natural décor. For instance; you can place a potted plant in your home office or use smooth rocks to line up your mantel.

Use Fragrances

You can pick out an appropriate fragrance which you can use to spray your home. Be keen to use a subtle, wonderfully smelling scent.

Create A Home Gallery

Instead of just hanging random family photos and artworks on your walls, you can choose to create a home gallery instead. By creating a home gallery, you would have significantly revamped your home décor.

Make sure that each home gallery you create has a specific and distinct theme. You can also buy frames and crown molding which you will use to decorate your galleries.

Purchase Black-out Curtains

Using black-out curtains will undoubtedly help to revamp your home décor. These curtains come in different colors and sizes. They are also stylish and fashionable.

Apart from making your home more beautiful, black-out curtains will block the entrance of unnecessary sunlight into your house. Furthermore, black-out curtains will help to reduce your air conditioning bills; making your home more spacious and airy.

Repaint Your Walls in Accordance with The Latest Interior Design Trends

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Maybe some of your walls seem to be dull. Or perhaps the paint coat on your walls has started to wear off. Repainting is the cheapest way to revamp your home décor.

When you repaint your home, you should look out for the latest interior and color design trends. For instance; in 2019, the newest color design trends include black and white décor, pink, silver, and golden hues. In repainting your home, you should not limit yourself to the walls only. You should also repaint all your cabinets and shelves.


Revamping your home décor is not a big deal. As explained by Mr. DIY Guy, what you need to revamp your home is just a grand plan which has some innovative and creative ideas. When you use one or more of these tips to revamp your home décor, your house will definitely look more attractive.


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