How to Write Your Dissertation in a Month

Writing a dissertation is tough,andwhen short on time, things get more complicated. A well-written dissertation requires months of research and compilation of ideas. However, you might not have the luxury of so much time,and in such a situation, you have to create a practical strategy. Writing a dissertation in a month might sound impossible,but with the right preparation, you can pull it off. Here, you will learn tricks to help you write your dissertation in a month including understanding the requirements, starting early, breaking up the thesis into small sections, using a dissertation service among other techniques.


  • Get the Requirements Right


If you want to save time on your project, you have to read and write the dissertation requirements. Many candidates mess up with their papers because they don’t follow the guidelines which necessitate time-co0nsuming revisions. To complete your paper in four weeks, you have to start ion the right footing and work on the right thing.


  • Start Early


Procrastination is the major problem most MA candidates struggle with their projects. If you are short on time, you need to get started right away. You have to make use of all the time available to write a high-quality paper within a month.  In an ordinary situation, you would spend time reading sample research papers and brainstorming for ideas from family and friends but with a month only to complete the entire project, you better start immediately.


  • Clear Everything Else in Your Life


If you have to pull off a dissertation in a month, you have to make sacrifices and that includes letting go of unnecessary responsibilities. You will have to cut back on your social life and instead spend more time researching and writing your project.


  • Choose the Right Topic


In a normal situation, you have the freedom to pick any topic and expound on it in your research. However, with only four weeks to write a dissertation, you have to find a topic from your areas of interests and find something that you can easily build on in your research. Don’t pick a broad topic or a complex subject that requires in-depth research because you have no time for such a study.


  • Use a Dissertation Writing service


When pressed for time, you need to think smart and using a writing service is one way of doing this. These companies have a wide range of topics to choose from and you can hire a writer to collaborate with you on the paper. Your writer will help augment your ideas, propose research sources, organize your ideas and proofread your work.


  • Leverage Technology


Writing apps come in handy when you need to write a winning dissertation and you are short on time. There are apps for time management, organizing ideas, avoiding distractions, editing among other tasks. They include Evernote, Grammarly, Penultimate, Dropbox, Mendeley, iProcrastinate, iStudiez Pro among others.


  • Diversify Research Sources


Forget the library and instead go online for your research material. The internet is a treasure trove of credible research materials,and you can find as much content as you want.

With these tips, you can pull off a dissertation in a month and graduate. Make sure you create and stick to a schedule, start writing early, make sacrifices in your normal routine, use a professional writer and leverage tech to get it done.

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