The Allure of the Choker and When They Look Best

The choker is a unique fashion accessory that some people love to wear.  Chokers can beautifully accentuate the right outfit and even add a sensual look. The versatility and charm of chokers are what has made them so trendy today. The tightness of the necklace, especially when worn somewhere as sensitive as the neck, means it is not the right jewelry for everyone.

How to Wear Chokers

It is important to choose a choker that is snug against the skin without any constriction. The necklace should not fit so tightly it leaves behind marks, but easily allow a finger to slip in between the jewelry and the skin. Chokers should also not be loose, so they sag or slide around on the neck. A long, slim neck is not necessary because there are also plus-sized chokers as well. The necklaces have the same range of designs but are slightly longer to enable more people to wear them comfortably. There are plenty of tips available on how to choose the first choker for comfort and look.

When to Avoid Chokers

Not everyone feels comfortable with a choker. Anyone that dislikes the sensation of anything against their neck will not be able to wear a choker with ease. The need to constantly pull at or attempt to loosen the accessory will take attention away from the beauty of the piece.

There is hope for people that want to wear chokers but have been unable to in the past. Start with a lightweight choker made from a stretchy material that will not feel as tight against the skin. Plan to wear the jewelry for a couple of hours initially and expand the time gradually.

Why Wear Chokers

In the past, there was a lot of meaning to the choker. Women wore red chokers during the French Revolution to show respect to victims of the guillotine. Unfortunately, there have also been some negative uses at certain points in history.

The bands around the neck were worn as signs of slavery or used by ladies of the night to advertise their availability. Some generations felt the chokers were inappropriate due to these past uses. However, at the same time the accessory was used in this manner it was also a popular jewelry style for Victorian ladies and aristocratic women.

People wear chokers today because they love how they look. It is just another way to add a little beauty and style to an ensemble. Women wear them to bring a little Victorian elegance to their fashion or to add a gothic touch. It is also a great option for modern women that want to learn the history of the accessory and use the jewelry as a symbol of empowerment.

What Clothing to Wear

Possibly the best thing about chokers is their versatility. The style looks great with both casual and formal outfits. A choker can look sweet and delicate or gothic and dark. Some styles fit with a relaxed, Boho look and others add designer elegance. The size and type of charms, designs and colors, are almost endless. It is possible to find the perfect option to pair with jeans and t-shirts, a formal gown or a sequined party dress, and more from Adina’s Jewels. Most women will want to have several styles so they can accessorize in this manner for every occasion.

Chokers, like all jewelry, are perfect for anyone that loves them. There are size and style perfect for everyone no matter their age, weight, or fashion preference. The choker trends continue to return with every generation, so it is obviously a look that will last.

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