Three Simple Team Building Skills All Managers Should Know About

Employees often work in teams. Minor misunderstandings can lead to problems, and business efficiency is the bottom line. These skills will help you build more effective teams. Just remember these three basic areas during your team meetings.

Remember, it takes time to develop your team building skills. It might take a lot of practice to get things right. Patience is key, and your business is worth the effort.

Break Down the Boss to Employee Language Barrier

Most people believe they communicate well, but communication issues are the biggest problems that bosses face in team settings. More than 50 percent of employees feel that their superiors need to improve their communication skills. Here are some aspects to focus on:

  • Positivity
  • Clear and Concise Messages
  • Repetition 
  • Chip Away at Communication Gaps
  • Casual Communication Works

When a boss has a positive attitude, teams perform well. It’s important to compliment team members often. Additionally, keep your messages clear, concise, and short. Talking too much creates confusion. Repetition of important information is essential, but it can only be done correctly with careful preparation. It’s best to be as concise as possible. It is also helpful to encourage a stress-free casual environment.

Create Fun Team Building Exercises

A boss interested in learning effective team building skills should engage in some exercises. It’s important to have fun. Fun increases worker productivity, and the experience brings a team closer together. Here are some ideas:

  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Truth and Lies
  • Back to Back Drawing
  • The Coat of Arms

Scavenger hunts are straightforward. The Truth and lies game has each employee write down 3 truths and one lie. Employees vote on which statements are lies. Back to back drawing puts team members into pairs facing opposite directions. One member describes an item, and the other member draws it. The winning drawing can be kept in the boss’s office. In coat of arms, the team designs different coats of arms for the company. The boss or team can choose a winner.

Become an Active Listener

Active listening lets people know you care. Team members need to feel that they are important, and a team leader can facilitate this with good listening skills. Active listening is an art form. It may take time to get it right. Here are some key features of good active listening:

  • Mirror Gestures and Body Positions
  • Smile More Often
  • Have Good Eye Contact
  • Ask Relevant Questions
  • Summarize a Team Member’s Ideas
  • Do Not Be Judgmental
  • Be More Patient

Put These Simple Skills to Good Use

Your team must understand what you want from them. Keep your language simple and direct. Be positive, and use your words to compliment people often. Think up some fun team building exercises to strengthen your groups, and practice the art of active listening. Try to be a listener more often. These three important areas are sure to help you create happy, hardworking teams.

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