3 Cool Household Gadgets to Check Out Today

The evolution in the world never stops. With innovation comes a bevy of inventions that are persistently crafted, regularly defining who we are and how we live. Despite societal predictions of where we would be by this year, our routines do not consist of extraterrestrial beings or flying cars just yet. That said, many methods deemed as standard lifestyle practices have gone by the wayside within the last few decades. Although no one quite knows where we will go from here, the gadgets that we have at our disposal are pretty incredible. These devices will improve your livelihood and boost morale within the comfort of your home.

Awair Smart Air Quality Monitor

The Awair Glow is a simple, affordable, and stylish plugin that tracks the air quality within your home. With this product, Awair strives for consumers to understand air quality and track improvements in real time. The device reads the temperature, humidity, and chemical levels within the household. It examines how these levels change over a set period of time and compiles data into a mobile app that can be downloaded on nearly any device. The Awair Glow can also integrate with other smart devices, such as thermostats and purifiers paired with Amazon or Google Home products. MacSources calls it a smart, economical device that is a great addition to any home.

Nest Smart Smoke Home Detector

Simplicity is a common theme when it comes to modern-day home devices. By all account, the Smart Smoke Home Detector by Nest fits the bill. Installation is a breeze, as this low height device comes equipped with icons to help prevent mistakes involving placement. Once installed, the device works through a mobile app and is compatible with a variety of smart home devices. It’s intuitive to detect irregularities in smoke and carbon monoxide levels, all while distinguishing the difference between real smoke from shower steam. It also provides notifications to your mobile device before the sound blares to prevent false alarms.

Kapsul Smart Home Air Conditioner

This sleek air conditioning unit is the epitome of innovative design. The unit’s compact size allows it to fit in standard window frames with dimensions that range between 21 to 36 inches wide. The unit is compatible with a mobile app that features a voice control option, which allows you to adjust the temperature from wherever you are in your home. One aspect to note is that this unit is an air conditioner only, so it cannot fully replace the natural heating aspect of your HVAC unit. However, it is energy efficient and effective which could help drive down costs during the summer months.

Home Improvement Done Right

Image via Flickr by Brentano fabrics

Technological advancements are ongoing and interminable. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to veer through the ever-changing landscape. As a consumer, make a conscious effort in deciding whether a particular gadget fits the criteria of your long-term needs, as well as your current desires.

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