6 Gifts That Inspire Creativity

Creativity is something most parents strive to encourage in their children, particularly now that many of us are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Development during this time is still vital for young kids and they need to have activities other than staring at the TV screen. These types of activities can also help parents work with their kids to distract them from the stress of the coronavirus, according to Harvard.

If you are looking to inspire creativity in a child, there are incredible options available that you can conveniently order online and ship to their home. Whether it is painting on canvas, drawing with pencils, playing card games, or another option, your gift is sure to help them expand their imagination and grow their skillset. Learn about six gifts that can help to inspire creativity.

1. Pick a painting set from the numerous options available.


A paint set can provide numerous hours of fun and help get the creative juices flowing. There is a myriad of available options and you can also choose ones that are age-appropriate. Watercolor paints can be used to create an abstract piece of art, while finger painting may help little ones develop much-needed motor skills. Pick any number of paint colors to put into their palette. Paint Loose offers many fun choices to encourage creativity, such as canvas art, DIY projects, rock painting kits, and leaf painting techniques that can be fun for older children to use.

2. Buy some water beads, which are popular with many children.


Water beads start off as small round balls that grow when put into water. There are many color choices that can be used in various crafting projects. Kids can take them and use them as a base at the bottom of a vase of flowers that they’ve picked outside for their parents or play with them on their own to encourage more fine motor skills development. These are popular throughout schools nationwide. Aquabeads, available at legacytoys.com, also offers molds to make Disney princesses, unicorns, animals, and many other choices. They are also relatively inexpensive, making their price point a good investment.

3. Send a jewelry making kit to your young relatives.

Another fun craft that your young relatives and friends may enjoy is a jewelry making kit. These typically come with string, beads, pendants, and other items needed to create custom bracelets, necklaces, pins, and other items. Children can spend hours working on new jewelry that they can then wear themselves or gift to someone else.

4. Choose interactive baby toys for infants.


Don’t forget, babies need interactive playtime and stimulation as well to help them develop creativity. Babies need colors, music, and other early learning activities to foster a zest for learning. Choose from activity playmats, musical toys, sensory toys, and many other options.

5. Ask about the child’s interests and purchase books themed around those.


Reading should also be encouraged and if a child is reluctant to read or has not developed a love for it, then ask about their interests and purchase them some books themed around those. For example, if they enjoy video games, then find books about game design or the specific game they enjoy such as Minecraft or Fortnite. Young readers need to be exposed to different types of books. If you are at a loss for ideas, then explore the list of greatest new releases for them to read.

6. Plush toys and animal toys help the child create an imaginary world around them.


One last option to help with creativity is to buy the child animal toys or plush stuffed toys. They can use these as accessories to their playtime, where they can use their imagination and create a new world around them. A giraffe may take them on a safari through Africa, while a panda could give a tour of the bamboo forests in China.

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